The Voice 2013 said goodbye to two more artists Tuesday night, leaving us with the season 4 Top 6. The shocking results left both Usher’s team and Shakira’s team alive as Adam joined them with only one contestant left after he lost Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill in the same night.

That means Team Blake is still three-strong which means he’s perfectly poised to win this thing a third time in a row.

If what happened on Tuesday night’s episode proves anything, it’s that The Voice results actually are impacted by performances and the show isn’t just a popularity contest like other singing shows.

So with that in mind, let me get to my weekly assessment. And please keep in mind that this is a complete shot in the dark and each spot could be a give or take one or two kind of thing all based on how the performance shows go next week …

The Top 6 Rankings: Who has what it takes to move on in this competition?

1. Danielle Bradbery. The young country artist from Team Blake is still heating up the iTunes charts and keeping the top spots on Vegas odds boards. I think she’s still in the best position to win this season.

2. Amber Carrington. I think Team Adam might hang on a bit with Amber as long as Adam keeps giving her the right songs. I’m tempted to swap her to No. 3 and put Michelle in this spot, but I’ll wait another week to assess that.

3. Michelle Chamuel. As I said above, I think Michelle might actually be getting more votes than Amber, but I can’t be sure. At any rate, I think the two of them are somewhere around this spot as far as their chances of winning. Danielle would have to have a bad week for her to fall below them, I think.

4. The Swon Brothers. I think they lucked out early on in the competition when they were saved because that gave them enough time to build a fan base and prove they’re serious. It probably helps a little bit that they’re the only guys left in the contest and Colton Swon has  the sole responsibility of Season 4 heartthrob to bear on Twitter.

5. Holly Tucker. At this point I’m starting to think Team Blake is unstoppable. I think Holly will be one of the next two to go unless they really are unstoppable.

6. Sasha Allen. Even Shakira was shocked Sasha didn’t get the boot. I thought for sure she was toast. And it’s not because she’s a bad singer. I think she’s a great singer. She just isn’t getting the same attention on iTunes as some as the others.

How would you rank The Voice 2013 Top 6?

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