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Last night on The Voice 2013 Carson Daily addressed the fact that there was an issue with online and text voting that resulted in those votes being thrown out.

As crazy as that all sounds, NBC promised that the outcomes were not effected. That’s incredibly hard to believe, but OK.

NBC released the following statement:

“On this week’s episodes of The Voice, we encountered issues with the systems used for online and SMS voting. We are addressing both issues, and in an abundance of caution are not counting the votes that may have been affected. Telescope, the independent company that administers voting for the show, has certified that removing those votes does not affect the outcome for any team.”

Jason George, CEO of vote-tallying company Telescope confirmed what NBC said.

“For fairness, those votes have been removed from Monday and Tuesday’s results, but we want to assure fans and artists alike that this in no way affected the outcome for any team,” he said.

So we can only assume that that means the eight contestants who are saved by America had so many votes the online and text ones that were thrown out didn’t matter.

Here’s to hoping the issues are fixed for next week.

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