Stevie Jo on The Voice 6

Stevie Jo on The Voice 6 – Source: NBC

Stevie Jo comes from a musical family of heavy metal parents who gave it up to raise their family. Now since he got started in a band as a teenager he’s shifted more toward R&B.

Stevie will be performing “There Goes My Baby” which happens to be an Usher song. He better be good if he’s going to sing a Coach’s song to that same Coach.

He hopes to prove his musical standing in an already big music family, but can he get any of the Coaches to turn around for him? Yes!

Coach Usher hits his button and he’s the only going for him. Adam whispers to Blake that there’s no point in hitting their buttons since Stevie is showing his preference with the song choice.

Stevie Jo performs “There Goes My Baby” on The Voice 2014:

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