Usher and Shakira - The Voice 2013

There will be new faces when those famous red chairs spin around on The Voice Season 4. Introducing the new year’s first installment of the series will be two new coaches replacing, temporarily, two old mentors. Out are CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera while in come Shakira and Usher to fill the void.

Lots of pressure is riding on those two well-known artists as they’ll have to quickly win over audiences of ‘The Voice’ and singing contestants. If they don’t make a splash quick then talent will be easily lured off by the more familiar quantities of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

In an attempt to put audience’s nerves at ease, NBC offered up a preview screener of the series to a select number of journalists in hopes of pitting good worth of mouth against negative perceptions. According to Entertainment Weekly, it was a gamble that paid off nicely.

The newbies have (so far) lived up to the build-up. Usher displayed the right amount of confidence (“This is the show I wanted to be associated with because it has credibility,” he said, in a not-so subtle slight to American Idol) but also showed an amusing amount of humility — especially when he’s called out for referring to Nashville as a “state.”

Shakira, meanwhile, is less like a diva and more of a delight — her precious accent making her all the more winsome, especially when she starts to talk trash by calling Levine’s season one win “beginner’s luck.” It can’t be easy to dodge playful barbs from Shelton and Levine — comic moments come easy for those two now — but in all, Usher and Shakira appear to have settled in quite nicely and are pretty slick at selling themselves as coaches.

That’s very good news both for the coaches but also NBC who took a big risk with this change. Giving freedom to the coaches was an important trade off in their attempt to run this series multiple times a year a la Survivor.

Will you accept these new coaches on The Voice 2013 when it premieres on Monday, March 25th?

Source: EW

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