The Voice Battle Rounds premiere tonight on NBC when the teams face off and the Coaches pit their best against one another to see who will come out on top. It’s not over yet though thanks to the return of a big twist.

The Voice 6 Coaches

The Voice 6 Coaches – Source: NBC

So how do The Voice Battle Rounds work? The Coaches pick two singers and they’ll duet a song. When it’s over the Coach has to pick a winner. No silly tricks. One wins and one gets the boot. But wait! There’s a chance for that eliminated singer to come back.

Coaches from another team can use their “Steal” to rescue the artist from elimination. If no one uses the “Steal” then that singer will be cut from The Voice and sent home.

We’ll be back here tonight at 8PM ET for the live show recap when The Voice 6 returns for its two hour episode on NBC. Join us to find out who gets sent home and which singers move on.

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