Tonight on The Voice results are announced on NBC when the Blind Auditions continue while Coaches continue to build their Teams.

Usher on The Voice 2014

Usher on The Voice 2014 – Source: NBC

So far this season there have been thirteen performers selected by the Coaches to continue on past the Blind rounds. That still leaves a LOT of empty spots on each Team. Adam and Usher have the most singers while Blake Shelton lags behind them. I’m expecting him to come roaring back though as a Veteran Coach who knows what he’s doing.

We’ll be live updating this post here with results from tonight’s The Voice 6 and keep tally on who is joining each team and who is eliminated from the competition.

Who Went Home Tonight on The Voice 2014?

    Team Adam:

  • Sam Behymer delivered a solid performance of “Royals” which left Usher and Adam competing for her approval and while she said she thought she’d do one thing Sam decided to go with Adam for her Team.
  • Joshua Howard was billed as a “unique voice” and went with Adam over Shakira for his Coach on The Voice.
  • Patrick Thomson came from a family history of performing and he got the chance to keep that tradition going by turning both Blake and Adam before deciding on Team Adam.
    Team Blake:

  • Ryan White Maloney performed “Lights” and it earned him a solid four-chair outcome. All the coaches wanted this rocker, but Ryan said his little boy would tell him to go with Blake, so he did.
  • Sisaundra Lewis was the big voice closer of the night with all four chairs turning and lots of competition between them to snag her incredible talent but it was the way Blake spoke to her that won Sisaundra over.
    Team Shakira:

  • Deshawn Washington sang “Twistin’ The Night Away” which convinced Shakira to hit her button. Afterwards Blake and Usher both regretted not hitting their buttons as well.
  • Clarissa Serna turned all four chairs but said she had to go with her “Latina connection” and so she picked Shakira for her Coach.
  • Lindsay Pagano wow’d Shakira with her performance of “Lady Marmalade” and took a seat on her Team.
    Team Usher:

  • Brothers Walker snagged Usher while they had originally hoped for Blake with their Country styles, but their new Coach is ready for the challenge.
  • Tanner James, the pop vocalist, goes with Team Usher as the sole Coach to turn for him.
  • Melissa Jimenez earned chair turns by Usher and Shakira but while we were initially lead to believe she’d go with Shakira it was Usher’s diverse background that won her pick.
    Eliminated singers:

  • Savana Santos
  • Scott Stevens
  • Aaleliah Dixon
  • Brendan Ryan – He nearly got Blake to hit his button but in the end the judges passed.
  • Robert Lee – Great singer that just didn’t make the cut. Blake said he was too nasally.
  • Alex Burt
  • Skylar Dayne
  • Ricky Duran
  • Allison Bray

The Blind auditions continue Tuesday on The Voice where we’ll find out which singers will make the cut to move on to the Battle Rounds and possibly beyond.

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