Megan Ruger on The Voice

Megan Ruger on The Voice – Source: NBC

Megan Ruger hopes The Voice can help her break out of Nashville where she’s been performing as a rocker but feels trapped and struggling to get out.

Megan’s family is there supporting her in a bid to snag all four chairs. She manages to get Usher and Blake to turn at the last minute. Both battle for her approval but in the end she has to decide on just one of them.

Ruger goes with Team Blake because she felt the Nashville part of her had to go with Shelton for the competition. Blake says he was glad she asked which of them likes 80’s Rock more than the other. Apparently that would be Blake.

Watch Megan’s Blind Audition performance video below from Tuesday’s episode.

Megan Ruger performs Pink’s “Just Like A Pill” on The Voice:

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