Madilyn Paige sang “Titanium” tonight on The Voice 6’s Blind Audition round as part of the second night in the season premiere. Her performance earned her two chair turns by Shakira and Usher leaving her with a choice of coaches.

Madilyn Paige on The Voice 6

Madilyn is only sixteen years old but delivered a much bigger voice than the coaches expected to find in such a young singer.

Coach Shakira and Usher get in to a heated battle to convince her each is the right choice for Madilyn. Usher reminds her that he’s worked with young talent while Shakira says she has personal knowledge to pass along and help Madilyn get to the end.

Usher is proving to be quite the commodity this season and is wisely playing his Bieber-card while of course not mentioning what might happen once you turn eighteen!

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Watch Madilyn sing “Titanium” and decide if she could win it all.

Madilyn Paige performs “Titanium” on The Voice 6:

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