Kaleigh Glanton managed to turn all four The Voice chairs when her performance of Have You Ever Seen The Rain and that gave her a wide open choice for any Coach she wanted.

Kaleigh Glanton on The Voice

Kaleigh Glanton on The Voice – Source: NBC

This crossfit singer was looking for a new challenge and her performance tonight on The Voice 6 that left the Coaches fighting for her to pick them.

Adam told her she had great moments but still needed improvement and he could help her with that. Blake said he was sick of hearing that from Adam. Uh, Blake, if they were perfect singers they wouldn’t need you or The Voice. Sheesh.

Kaleigh says Adam is right that she needs development, but still decides to go with Coach Blake. Team Blake is now full.

Kaleigh Glanton sings “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” on The Voice 6:

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