Josh Kaufman on The Voice

Josh Kaufman on The Voice – Source: NBC

Josh Kaufman, a father of three, was trying to decide between music and his family’s future when he came on The Voice 6 to deliver a winning performance of “One More Try.”

The song and performance gave him the only four-chair turn of the night on The Voice and his pick of which Team to join.

Adam gushes over his song choice and delivery when Blake jumps in and Usher gets excited when Josh says he wants to pursue soul music. Usher says it is the base of all music genres which makes him best suited to be his Coach. Meanwhile, where’s Shakira?

Finally Shakira joins the discussion and says he is so matured in his talent, but she can give him the fine tuning he needs.

So which Team does Josh Kaufman pick for The Voice? He goes with Coach Adam. Adam jumps out of his chair celebrating.

Josh Kaufman sings “One More Try” on The Voice 6:

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