Danielle Bradbery on The Voice

Update: Yep, Danielle made it all the way to #6 as of right now, but we’ll have to see when The Voice official marks the cut off for getting that x10 vote bonus. And yes, Danielle’s entry to the Top 10 pushed her coach Blake Shelton out to #11!

We’re still waiting for an update on iTunes US charts, but as of now Danielle Bradbery is showing up in the coveted Top 10 for iTunes downloads in the Euro charts.

Her performance of “Heads Carolina, Tails California” last night on The Voice Season 4 slipped in at number ten on the charts. If that holds true in the US numbers then she’ll receive a 10x bonus on her vote count putting her well in to the safety zone.

The really funny part is Danielle’s move in to the Top 10 may have bumped out her own coach’s spot. Blake Shelton was holding #10 on the US charts for “Boys ‘Round Here” on Monday, but again if the US charts keep w/ the Euro ones (and all the other entries match right now between the two) then I imagine we’ll heard some laughs about that during tonight’s The Voice Results show.

Danielle Bradbery sings “Heads Carolina, Tails California”:

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