Clarissa Serna of The Voice 2014 performed “Zombie” for her Blind Audition in a bid to secure a spot on one of the four Coaches’ Teams for Season 6.

Clarissa Serna on The Voice 6

Clarissa Serna on The Voice 6 – Source: NBC/YouTube

Tonight on The Voice we’ll see another two-hour run of contestants performing for the Coaches and Clarissa Serna is sure to be one of the standouts with a much coveted four chair turn!

The Coaches praised Clarissa for her song choice, a 90’s hit by The Cranberries, with Usher explaining that he waited until the very hit to hit his button so he could sit back and enjoy the performance.

Adam Levine said Serna’s performance was good enough on its own to not worry about replicating the original artist’s stylistic delivery. He said he thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance and that was why he hit his button.

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All the Coaches want her to join their The Voice 2014 team, but she can only pick one of them. Which Team would you choose for Clarissa? We’ll find out what she decided during tonight’s episode.

Clarissa Serna performs “Zombie” on The Voice:

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