Cee Lo Green announced he will not return to The Voice and has quit in an interviewed released today.

Cee Lo Green on The Voice

CeeLo said he didn’t want to “wear out” his welcome from the series he helped boost. His temporary replacement, Usher, in the upcoming season of The Voice 2014 which starts next week may have just received a full-time job!

Considering how well Usher did in the role of Coach in his first time out I’m not surprised to hear of this change. The real question of course is whether Cee Lo quit or was he fired?

Cee Lo Green revealed he has several other projects waiting for him there at NBC which makes me think he was offered alternatives as a bid to generate his resignation.

While I appreciate Cee Lo’s efforts in helping the show grow to what it is I can’t say that I’ll be sorry for the change. Usher does a great job and really raised the bar for the spinning chair next to Adam.

Now we’ll have to wait and see if Shakira or Christina bows out next to give the series a regular set of Coaches.

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