Brittnee Camelle stepped away from school to come sing on The Voice 6 while hoping she was making the right choice. Choices were something she’d definitely encounter in this performance.

Brittnee Camille on The Voice

Brittnee Camille on The Voice – Source: NBC

Brittnee’s performance of “Skyscraper” turned the chairs of both Usher and Shakira but only one could get her for their team. Usher played the “I turned first” card just a few short rounds after criticizing Adam for doing the same thing.

Meanwhile Shakira played the girl card and seemed to be tempting Brittnee away when she revealed her decision to go with Team Usher. That’s it for Usher! His team is complete for The Voice.

Brittnee Camelle sings “Skyscraper” on The Voice 6:

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