Brittnee Camelle vs Melissa Jimenez on The Voice

Brittnee Camelle vs Melissa Jimenez on The Voice – Source: NBC

Usher has two powerhouse ladies singing on The Voice’s Battle Rounds tonight with Brittnee Camelle and Melissa Jimenez taking on “Give It To Me Right” in their duet.

Both singers had challenges during rehearsals but Usher thinks if they work hard and deliver on stage then there’s a chance that both can make it through tonight. Considering no one has used a Steal so far this would be the time for that to happen.

Adam thinks Melissa had great moments but leans toward Brittnee for the win. Meanwhile Blake thought the way Melissa finished the song earned her victory in their Battle Round.

Coach Usher regrets putting them on stage together because he wishes he could keep both, but only one can win so he declares Melissa the winner. I’m surprised considering how everything during the rehearsals was centered on Brittnee. Let’s see if there’s a steal. Yep.

Adam hits his button first followed by Shakira. She’ll have her pick. Brittnee goes with Coach Adam.

Brittnee Camelle Vs Melissa Jimenez “Give It To Me Right” Battle Round:

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