Audra McLaughlin on The Voice 6

Audra McLaughlin on The Voice 6 – Source: NBC

Audra McLaughlin turned all four chairs tonight on The Voice with her performance of “Angel From Montgomery.”

Coach Adam is the first to turn around but is soon followed by the rest. This kicks off a long string of competition by all the Coaches who all want to add Audra to their teams.

Adam thinks he has the best chance since he turned first and she wasn’t wearing cowboy boots. Blake says her performance stood up to what he expects from his wife.

Does it work? Sure enough it does. Adam Levine loses out to Coach Blake to secure Audra for his team. Adam is shocked and saddened that he’s lost Audra and means he’ll finish tonight’s Blind Auditions with no one added to his team.

Audra McLaughlin performs “Angel From Montgomery” on The Voice 2014:

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