Alaska & Madi on The Voice

Alaska & Madi on The Voice – Source: NBC

The duo Alaska & Madi came to The Voice 6 as a last ditch effort to rescue their childhood formed duet which faced a pending split now that they were heading off to college.

Coach Adam was the first to turn, but you know their real goal, Coach Blake, turned his chair as well. Will Adam be able to win them over?

Adam loved their confidence and dynamic in their performance. Blake said they reminded him of the Pistol Annies which got those girls very excited. He thinks he can take them all the way to the finish line. Adam asks Alaska & Madi to think outside the box and go with a surprising choice by picking him.

Alaska & Madi apologize to Adam but say they have to go with Team Blake.

Alaska & Madi sing “Barton Hollow” on The Voice 6:

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