Adam & Blake on The Voice 2013

NBC has released another promo to get audiences ready for the 4th season premiere of The Voice next Monday and this one is a bit silly. We’re promised a segment on veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton hazing newcomers Usher and Shakira, but it’s pretty mild stuff here.

Blake offers up a few broken Spanish attempts and Adam is pretty much just his regular goofy self, but nastiness doesn’t suit this bunch so it works out. They’d do well to leave that to the cat fights on other singing shows.

While there’s a lot of joking and teasing across the coaches panel I’d imagine Usher and Shakira may actually feel the pressure to come in quickly and adapt. We haven’t seen a planned rotation of judges like this on other singing shows before and considering ‘The Voice’ is NBC’s biggest show right now there’s a lot riding on it working well.

Watch the video for yourself and see what you think of the so called “hazing.”

One interesting thing I took from the video was seeing the new seating positions of the coaches. While CeeLo sat closest to Adam in the past, likely a very good idea to keep Adam and Christina separated, we’ve now got Shakira sitting next to Adam. That of course puts Usher to Blake’s right when they’ve hit their buttons and spun around to face the stage. At least the two returning coaches were able to keep their old seats. Funny how seat position can become a power play in these shows.

Be ready for the premiere of The Voice 2013 on March 25th at 26th at 8PM on NBC. We’ll be here covering the series all season.

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