With Sons of Anarchy Season 5 being released on DVD later this month and Season 6 premiering a couple weeks later, we thought it would be nice to take a moment and look at one of the most beloved characters on the show… Opie Winston (Ryan Hurst).


Just an FYI… Spoilers ahead.

And by spoilers… I mean RIP Opie. We are focusing on this character because we miss him so much and just can’t imagine going into a season where he isn’t going to be there for Jax. Here’s a look at some of the best Opie moments throughout the years.

Opie VS ATF Agent Stahl

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The first few seasons of SOA were pushed by the clubs increasing antagonism with ATF Agent June Stahl (Ally Walker). Agent Stahl was driven to a point of having lost her sense of morality and could only see through the blinders of wanting to take down SAMCRO. In her wake, she caused distrust among the members which directly led to Tig  murdering Opie’s wife, Donna, when he meant to kill Opie. In the end, Opie put Stahl in her place and killed her the same way his wife died. For viewers, it was a bloody, but satisfying ending to one of the many nemesis they would face.

Opie vs Clay


The hits just kept on coming for poor Opie. It seems every time things were going to go wrong in SAMCRO there was some blowback on Opie and his family. In this case, Clay’s need to keep his murder of JT, Jax’s father, a secret led to another murder – Piney, Opie’s dad. When Opie discovered that once again his family made the sacrifice to keep Clay Morrow in the clear, Opie could no longer hold back his anger and shot Clay. It was a turning point in the series that put Clay on the path of losing his seat at head of the table.

Opie & Lyla


But Opie’s life wasn’t always a horror story. In the wake of Donna’s murder, Opie entered a dark depression, cutting himself off from his kids and his brothers in the club. But eventually he was able to find some happiness again with Lyla. The porn star single mother he met on the job. While she ultimately couldn’t keep him happy forever, fans of Opie enjoyed those moments where we started to see the spark in his eyes again. And hey – a happy wedding is a rare moment on this show. We had to enjoy it!

Opie’s Ultimate Sacrifice


Now hold on because here comes the tough stuff. In the end, Opie followed in the footsteps of the rest of his family and paid the ultimate price for the club – his life. In order to save the crew and his best friend Jax’s seat at the table, Opie sacrificed himself to Pope’s crew. As for whether Jax is going to live up to that sacrifice, we have yet to see, but  there will never be as heart breaking a moment as when Jax was forced to watch his best friend brutally beat to death before his eyes. Ryan Hurst’s performance in that scene was spellbinding. Not crying yet? Hold on….

Opie & Jax – Best Bros Forever



There is very little I love more than a good Bromance, and the one between Opie and Jax was heartwarming at its best and heartbreaking at its worse. Always trying to find the balance of doing what was best for each other, what was best for the club and what was best for their families, Opie and Jax had a constant push and pull that showed they were more than friends, they were truly brothers. Knowing we will get no more of these epic hugs between these two strong, yet sensitive, men is difficult. We are only left to hope that our hero (anti-hero) Jax can live up to what Opie would have wanted from him.


Sons of Anarchy certainly won’t be the same without Opie/Ryan Hurst.


“Sons of Anarchy: Season Five” will be in stores 8/27 on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Season 6 of “Sons of Anarchy” premieres Tuesday, 9/10 at 10 PM on FX.

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