A couple weeks ago I took a look at the character of Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) on Sons of Anarchy. And yet in one episode, everything was once again turned on its side. Given the divisiveness of the character, I thought we ought to give her another look.

Maggie Siff as Tara

Maggie Siff as Tara

Check inside for some more thoughts on Tara. (Blanket spoiler alert for the season… catch up, if you haven’t.)

After Episode 10 of this season of Sons of Anarchy, Huang Wu, I thought that Tara would probably be going the way of Ophelia in Hamlet – progressively going more insane until she dies. In Hamlet (may as well put those two English degrees to work, am I right?) Gertrude (in this show, that would be Gemma) is the character that tells of Ophelia’s death by drowning and in that description, she says that Ophelia is “one incapable of her own distress.” At the end of Huang Wu, it seemed that was a statement that fit Tara pretty well. She was so lost, so afraid of what she had become, seemingly drowning in her own madness, just as Ophelia both literally and figuratively did. And yet the last episode, Aon Rud Persanata, found Tara a bit more in control.

In that last episode, Tara found herself back as Mob Doctor, helping Bobby who had been shot breaking Clay out of prison. It was nice to see her back doing her thing. But we also saw her react to the biggest moment of the season (maybe the series) so far. A moment that based on her actions in Huang Wu, should have led to a bit of madness. However, when Clay was shot and killed in front of her, her reaction was not screams, or tears, or fear. She squeezed her estranged husband’s hand as he passed her by after killing the man who was his father figure, seemingly in support. And then in the car with Gemma (Katey Segal) and Nero (Jimmy Smits) she was the one who supported the action fully and without reservation. Nero was in shock, Gemma cried, Tara said it should have been done ages ago. In this case, those are not the words of a mad woman.

This is not to say that Tara is completely back on board in her Old Lady status. She seemed to offer the DA a way to take down SAMCRO by saying she can give her the bullet she takes out of Bobby. But as the episode ended and Jax (Charlie Hunnam) apologized for all he has done to her and what she’s become, we see a moment of reservation with Tara. Will she turn on the club completely to save her boys? Does she even think that is the right move anymore?

I think one thing to think about is that Jax had, hours before apologizing to Tara, effectively ruined any chance of the DA dropping the charges against her (which was part of the deal he made when offering of Galen and the IRA). Is he truly sorry? Does he have another way to help her out? Does he expect her to go to jail now as penance for trying to take the boys away from him and framing Gemma? In the world of Charming and Sons of Anarchy, anything is possible. And to even try to guess where Tara is going to wind up in the last two episodes of the season seems futile.

But I’ll ask you anyway… where do you think Tara will be at the end of the season? In jail? Back with Jax? In Witsec? Dead? What do you want to happen to her?

Hit the comments and let me know!

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