The love of a parent is a very strong thing. It’s an emotion that can overwhelm you in many situations and can cause you to do things that you would have otherwise not thought yourself capable of. That fact becomes abundantly clear this week on the Sons of Anarchy episode, “Sweet and Vaded.”

Venus and her new friend, Gemma.

Venus and her new friend, Gemma.

Check out the repercussions of the parental actions in this episode after the jump.

If there is one horrific thing Sons of Anarchy Season 6 has been missing, it’s child pornography. So thank goodness Venus (the increasingly perfect Walton Goggins) showed up to spin a yarn of her horrific childhood to the guys.

The Happy Carousel

When you are in trouble in Charming, you go to the MC. This is a fact everyone knows. They are basically for hire to take out disgusting individuals who are ruining lives. I don’t get why SAMCRO is villainized (I mean I do….) because they are just a bunch of softies who now have set up shop in a candy/ice cream parlor for goodness sake. They are cuddly guys in leather vests. So it is no surprise when Gemma (Katey Sagal) bring Venus to them to reveals her horrible sob story of her mother trying to make her straight as a child by forcing her to have sex and basically making her the star of a child pornography business, the club was willing to help.

What Venus needed help with was getting her best friend’s child (who is actually her child after she had a drunken one night stand with said best friend – but the kid doesn’t know) out of his parent’s home before horrible mom (played by the iconic Adrienne Barbeau) could make the kid part of the family business as well. It led to lots of gunfire and a car chase which included Venus snapping and shooting at one of the cars chasing them. I love that Tig (Kim Coates) is in love with Venus and was totally turned on by that. Those two will be very happy together one day.

When mom finds them at The Happy Carousel – the sick name of the portrait studio they use to run the porn business out of – she rips into Venus and how horrible she is and how she will ruin her son’s life. It was heartbreaking. So Jax shoots her in the head and we all cheer.

Part of my reaction to this story was “Oh my God, really? Child porn now? I can’t deal with anymore of this.” But once I got past that and just took in the acting… wow. It was amazing. Walton Goggins just disappears behind the boobs and the hair and becomes Venus. Except when shooting the gun – there’s Walton! But other than that he ripped my heart out as his face showed every moment of hurt. And Charlie Hunnam did the same thing as Jax. As the camera steadied on Jax’s reaction to the mothers hate-filled tirade he earned every award he probably won’t be nominated for. The work he’s been putting out there has been fantastic. Jax is a man who makes his living by doing some pretty iffy things, morally-speaking. Yet even with an outlaw there is a line. And disrespecting Venus like that… it crossed it a million times over. Bravo to everyone in that scene. It was amazing to watch.

Ain’t that a kick to the gut

So…. Tara. I won’t go too into her big and convoluted plan. Essentially she pissed off Gemma enough to get her to publicly threaten her and Margaret and then ran off to put a sack of her blood in her underwear so that she could bait Gemma into a fight and fake a miscarriage of the pregnancy-that-never-existed caused by her uncontrollable mother-in-law. Thing is, Gemma didn’t take the bait because as awful as she can be, she does love her grandchildren, even when one is inside a daughter-in-law she can’t stand. So Tara (Maggie Siff) decides to ram herself into a corner of a table and then accuse Gemma of kicking her. Gemma’s face was a mix of sheer horror and almost a hint of admiration. A crazy manipulator has to tip her hat at being bested by another crazy manipulator, am I right?

All of this was just to get Jax to sign away Gemma’s rights to the boys. Which is kind of awful because he doesn’t realize that Tara is trying to take Jax’s rights to the boys too. So I want to know… what do you think? Given the audience reaction to Skyler White on Breaking Bad, I have a feeling what it will be. And I get it. Tara is being about 4875 types of awful right now. But it’s not in the name of saving herself and getting some perfect life for her and her boys. She is going to jail for a long time, and she knows it. She is doing it for her kids. Abel is, what, 4 or 5? He’s been kidnapped, he’s nearly been blown up, he was in a horrible car crash. What wouldn’t a mother do to prevent that from happening again when she won’t be around to protect them? Jax loves his kids and deep down he has a wonderfully caring and gentle heart. But he is a killer and he draws in danger that never seems to stop. Is what Tara doing extreme and awful? Absolutely. But is it just the actions of a mother backed into a corner? Probably. Yet, it makes you wonder if she should really be judging Gemma so harshly… because in the end, wouldn’t Gemma do the same?

On top of all the parental drama this week, the DA is backing Nero and Barosky into a corner trying to get them to take down the guys. And this week Jax killed a woman in front of Barosky! It’s bad news.

But in a nice moment, all those new charter members were patched in, as was Ratboy. Loved those moments of happiness before all the crazy happened.

What did you think of this week?

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