SAMCRO has always been made up of some out there characters. Kim Coates as Tig has always been towards the top of that list and his actions during Sons of Anarchy Season 6 probably won’t be any different.

Kim Coates at Tig

Kim Coates at Tig (Photo Courtesy of FX)

Click through to see what Kim Coates had to say about Tig’s journey so far.

To say things were rough for Tiggy in Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy is underplaying it by a mile. He lost his daughter in a horrifying way. His connection with Clay continued to be strained and he felt himself losing his place in the club as tensions rose between him and Jax. See what Kim Coates told our friends at Synergistic Productions about Tig and where things will be going for him in Season 6.

Poor Tig. He just needs a hug. Stay here for more interviews from the cast and crew of Sons of Anarchy Season 6!


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