How is everyone feeling? The end of any season of Sons of Anarchy can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed, and unsurprisingly, the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Finale is no different.

At the table...

At the table…

I think that the table still stands despite being blown up is a good image to start this recap with.  Maybe it can give us hope?

For an episode that started off very slow, this sure built to a crazy ending. Before we get started, I want to say that I did not watch the Afterward with Kurt Sutter that aired immediately following the finale. I wanted to recap this just with my thoughts, and I’ll come back and post some thoughts based on letting it all soak in and what Sutter had to say later in the week.

What’s crazy is for 90+ minutes, not a whole hell of a lot happened in the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 finale. It was a lot of tension building to a bloody final moment.

A Shift of Power

In the least surprising turn of events, Alvarez and the Mayans were not particularly thrilled that Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and SAMCRO gave guns to the August and all of the black guys. But at Jax’s insistence they had a meetings with all three groups of guys (Marks didn’t show up though, because he’s too good for street deals) and the Mayans showed they were cool buying guns from black guys. Everybody gets along! Until SAMCRO leaves and then the Mayans shoot everyone else, much to Nero’s (Jimmy Smits) horror. He tells Alvarez that he just wants out. See, he’s pretty upset that Jax lied about killing the mom and he just wants to run off with Gemma. Gemma doesn’t want to though, so they break up leaving her in a great state of mind for later events. As for the outcome of the shooting by the Mayans…. Season 7, my friends!


Sunday at the Park

Thankfully, the guys come to the conclusion pretty quickly (with the help from a not so subtle visit from DA Patterson) that despite having a possible deal in place with the DA, Tara (Maggie Siff) hadn’t talked yet. The guys meet to discuss what to do, and they really just want to find Tara and get her to agree not to talk, but the implication is if she doesn’t agree… they’ll kill her. Way harsh, guys. Tara is scared and eventually does agree to talk to the DA and meets with the ATF guy. But she doesn’t say anything yet… she wants some time at the park to just let her boys have fun. Which conveniently allows Jax time to confront her.

The scene at the park between Jax and Tara was just heartbreakingly beautiful as they finally express both sides of the argument I’ve been making for weeks so simply – in the way they always seem to. Tara doesn’t want her boys to wind up like Jax, and she knows deep down he doesn’t either. Jax doesn’t want Tara to keep blaming him for her life since she pursued him, not the other way around. You’re both right, kids. And you’re both pretty. And in the end, they both see that their love, while it may not be enough to save them as a couple, is enough to save the boys.

The New Deal

DA Patterson (CCH Pounder) meets Tara in her hotel room, as planned. Not planned – Jax is there too. They have a new deal. Jax will turn himself in for providing the guns from the school shooting – just him, not the club – in exchange Tara is free of any implications in Nurse Toric’s death and will be free to live her life with her boys wherever she sees fit. The DA takes the deal, realizing it’s probably as good as she is ever going to get, and then Tara and Jax seal their new relationship with some I Love You’s and some special mommy and daddy time. Awwww. Happiness. This is a clue that something completely awful is happening soon.

At the clubhouse/ice cream parlor (where the homeless woman’s daughter works – something I hope continues in Season 7) Jax is spending time with his boys after telling Bobby and Chibs what is going to happen and that Bobby needs to step up as President. Was Chibs upset by this? Understanding? I couldn’t tell. His face tells me nothing! Jax also told them that Juice is not to be trusted – a tidbit he also let Juice in on as he went to go find Gemma. Which leads me to…

“Too much of water hast thou, poor Ophelia”

Jax, as he often does, forgot to tell his fly off the handle mother what happened with this new deal. So when Unser went to tell a now high because she just broke up with her boyfriend and even more likely to fly off the handle Gemma (Katey Sagal) that the DA was getting old files on the club and charges were being brought up against Jax, they both jumped to the worst possible conclusion – Tara ratted. Unser stupidly left Gemma alone for 10 seconds, at which point she stole his truck to find Tara. After Unser told Jax, Juice went to find them.

Meanwhile, we see the truck in Tara and Jax’s driveway as Roosevelt takes Tara home. They call for Unser, and he’s not inside so he leaves Tara alone in the house. The things I was screaming at my television were pretty epic during this whole sequence – just to give you a picture of what is happening when I’m watching the show. Tara has this brief moment of happiness and I almost expect it to just be quick – that Gemma would just come from one of the bedrooms and shoot her. Nope. Gemma is in the kitchen and when Tara walks in, Gemma slams her with an iron and then, because Tara is Opehlia, drowns her in the dishwater left in the kitchen sink. She also stabs her in the head a few times, just for good measure.

Think that’s enough of an ending? Of course not. Roosevelt, just told by Juice that Gemma was the one driving that truck, hears the commotion inside and goes in to find Gemma muttering over Tara’s body, “It had to be done.” Roosevelt clues her in to the fact that Tara didn’t rat, and then Juice shoots him. For a moment we are left to wonder is Juice going to kill Gemma too? No, he just reaches a hand for her and they hug.

Musical Montage

Of course we can’t end a season (an episode, really) without a musical montage, right? This one starts with Jax’s tearful goodbyes with his sons and his Sons. There is a lot of man tears and man hugs and man kisses. Then we see everyone else. Wendy in rehab. Gemma arriving at Unser’s in tears. Nero joins the Mayans and the Chinese in a meeting that can’t be good for SAMCRO. Juice is getting rid of all the evidence of Gemma murdering Tara, a moment possibly witnessed by our homeless woman.

Then Jax comes home and he find Tara and Roosevelt dead in his kitchen. I have to give it to Charlie Hunnam – he never fails to deliver when it counts. As he held and kissed Tara’s lifeless body you could see the strength of his character almost fall away from his body that was vibrating in pain. But as he said “I’m sorry” to her when the DA came in, you could see the horrible writing on the wall… and what way she will possibly misinterpret this situation.

Oy. My kids have had snow days since Friday, so I’ve been in a bit of a fragile state anyway. After this… wow. I’m still processing. I’d love to read some of Sutter’s papers on Hamlet from high school. Because I bet he reads the death of Ophelia differently than most! And perhaps he’s right.

This leaves Season 7 in a very interesting position. What will happen? Will Jax still turn himself in? Will he be charged with the deaths of Tara and Roosevelt? I can’t guess where it will go. But I feel for Thomas and Abel. Do they even have a chance in this world?


Okay… I’m going to sit with all of this for a bit. What did you think of the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Finale?

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