So… How is everyone feeling? Have you finally processed that crazy Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Finale?

Heyyyyy Tara.

Heyyyyy Tara.

Was it wrong of me to post that picture? Sorry. Let’s just get to some quotes and maybe help ease the pain.

Just an FYI…. spoilers ahead. Because you should have watched by now. But if you haven’t, stop what you are doing and go do that now. Bring Xanax.


Like several episodes in the past, this one started with narration from a SAMCRO President’s journal. This one is Jax’s to his boys…

Jax (voice over): I have tremendous remorse for the acts of violence I’ve committed, both planned and spontaneous. But I think what brings me the most sorrow is that I’ve learned to justify this behavior… I’ve become the thing. The one I hated.


I loved the double meaning the word “sons”  could have here…

Jax: Everything I do is for my sons.


Per usual, Gemma is super classy when seeing DA Patterson…

Gemma: I’m about to go catfight on the colored girl.


This made me giggle because I’m 12….

DA Patterson: Do you struggle with your need to be a good man?

Jax: I struggle with all my needs.


Tig, trying to be clear about what should happen with Tara (or not)…

Tig: We need to find her first…. to convince her the club is dependent on her.


I was hoping they actually served some ice cream, actually, and that was why Alvarez was in town…

Jax (to Alvarez): If you’re here for ice cream, I’m afraid it’s just a front.


Are these two end game or what? (kidding….)

Gemma: I love you Wayne. You know that.

Unser: I’m very loveable.


Wendy has come to an unfortunate realization….

Gemma: You get well. We’ll come see you at family day.

Wendy: Oh Jesus christ. It’s terrifying. You all are my family.

Gemma: Yes we are!!


The different levels of reactions I had here when Abel cried out for Jax were amazing. I felt the horror that Tara showed, the glee of Abel, the confusion of Jax. Great moment…

Abel: Daddyyyyy!


Tara, for all her faults, truly does love her boys…

Tara: At least I know I tried to save them from becoming what you are.


Laying down some truth bombs…

Jax: I never forced my life on you. You came back to me. You’re part of what I am Tara.


The last words we saw spoken between the tragic pair…

Jax: I love you.

Tara: I love you.


Gemma, proving Unser is a world class sucker….

Gemma: Can you get my pills.



Gemma: It had to be done.


Well, that just brought up all the horrors of Tuesday night. That didn’t help at all, did it? Oh well… I’ll be back with more about the finale soon!



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