For those of you who are not familiar with your bible passages, tonight’s Sons of Anarchy episode title, “John 8:32” ┬áis a reference to this quote: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Jax meets with the DA. (Charlie Hunnam and CCH Pounder. Photo courtesy of FX)

Jax meets with the DA. (Charlie Hunnam and CCH Pounder. Photo courtesy of FX)

And in the case of Sons of Anarchy, the freedom that comes with that truth can be a heavy burden to bear. Click through for a recap of what went down this week.

Truth… there was a lot of it this week on Sons of Anarchy. Like pretty much every scene included someone vomiting truth out at someone who wasn’t necessarily ready to hear it. But regardless of someone being ready, the truth was out there in all forms this week.

Luck of the Irish

Do you know what is lucky for SAMCRO? Frankly, not much nowadays. Thanks to some not so subtle messages from the DA, both Barosky (Peter Weller) and Colette (Kim Dickens) aka MILF Madame – I love Happy – both had to go back on their deals to partner with the Sons. Thankfully a seemingly worn out table of SAMCRO members voted unanimously to pull out a big card to hand to DA Patterson. And the card has a green shamrock on it.

That right, the guys finally smartened up and realized there was a (probably not so) easy way out of all their troubles – handing the kings of the IRA, primarily Galen (Timothy V. Murphy), over. In return, the guys get immunity for all past and present gun charges (my lord, that list must be soooo very long) and they are free to go about forming a legitimate business in Charming and in Stockton. Also, Tara’s (Maggie Siff) charges will be looked at again. (Of course Jax may go back on that one.) My favorite part here was that DA Patterson was going to try to play hardball. Jax reminded her that getting Galen was a win way above her current pay grade and would sail her right out of Charming. “Let’s not get too lost in righteousness,” he told her with that smile he gets. It was a great scene.

[Insert Nose/Knows Pun Here]

Yeah, I’m not going to come up with a pun about nose/knows. I think Clay (Ron Perlman) did enough, don’t you? Maybe I missed something, but it seems that in order to make a private phone call to arrange transport (read: escape) out of prison, Clay decided to bite a guard’s nose off to get in with the right doctor whose on the Irish’s payroll? Is this what happened?? It seemed like a very unnecessarily complicated plan. But we got to see Perlman being the crazy version of himself, and I’ve missed that. Clay is always so…. Clay. Anyway, noses were bitten off, calls were made, kidneys were punched.

A Mother’s Perogative

The truthiness really came out in the storyline involving Jax, Gemma, Tara, and Nero. Honestly, no new information was really given out this episode as far as any of it is concerned. What did happen is that Jax found out that his life is basically one big ol’ lie and now he is going to be left to deal with it. Besides Jax’s news, Nero (Jimmy Smits) found out about Gemma (Katey Segal) going to jail for murdering the probably fake baby Tara was carrying. Gemma tricked Margaret into admitting the pregnancy was indeed fake. Tara told Nero about Gemma being involved in JT’s death, which led to Gemma telling that whole store to Nero. Lots of truths.

But the big reveals came at Jax pretty much all at once. He found out that Gemma was forced to have sex with Clay in front of the prison guards. He found out his lawyer was helping Tara to get a divorce and get custody of the kids away from Jax and Gemma, a plan which she decided required faking a pregnancy. The quote referenced in tonight’s title may talk about the truth setting you free, but like I said before, the truth can hit you like a ton of bricks that you don’t know if you can climb out from under. There is no doubt that Hunnam is a good actor, and he once again proved it tonight with his reaction to finding all of this information out in one moment. The weight of it sat right on his shoulders, making it almost hard for him to breathe. And his face… it was scary.

After Jax confronts the lawyer to get conformation on everything about Tara, the lawyer calls Tara and warns her. Tara’s reaction? Sitting and singing a lullaby to her baby (who seemed very interested in the boom mic above his head) with a gun on her lap. Naturally.


So… how about all of that truth? Good stuff? Bad stuff? Need a xanax? There was also a great story about a teenage girl and a pipe wrench… but I’m actually going to save that for tomorrow. I have more to say about that little piece of mythology they wove in there.

Stay tuned!

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