The end of Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy is fast approaching and nothing is going to set the tone for the final episodes better than SAMCRO being tasked with hijacking a prison transport in order to free their disgraced former president.

Clay Morrow in prison blues. (Photo courtesy of FX)

Clay Morrow in prison blues. (Photo courtesy of FX)

Click inside to see  the shocking turn of events that happened on tonight’s episode.

This is Sons of Anarchy, so you know that the thing they showed us in the previews – the hijacking of Clay’s (Ron Perlman) prison transport – wasn’t going to be the actual big moment of the show. So let’s get to what actually happened…


Reality Check

To start the episode, the two main ladies each received a bit of a reality check. Tara (Maggie Siff) from her new lawyer. If she turns on the club and tells the cops everything in order to try to get custody, Jax will have the chance to retaliate and give his story too. Which includes Tara’s faked miscarriage which puts her whole story into question. Basically, it’s a rock/hard place scenario for Dr. Knowles. Meanwhile, Suddenly Wisest Man Ever, Wayne Unser (Dayton Callies), points out to Gemma (Katey Segal) that her desire to take the boys away from Tara, no matter the outcome of the fallout between Tara and Jax (Charlie Hunnam), isn’t necessarily the best idea. First of all – she’s a Grandma. AKA, she’s not the youngest. But more than that, she seems to often romanticize the life they lead, thinking about the way it used to be when the club started. But it’s not that anymore. It’s “dirty and sand and it’s only going to get worse.” What life would she be bringing them into? Gemma, Listen to the wise man.

Four Delivery Trucks

I’m going to admit that I have zero idea what Jax’s end game is here, but here’s what happened with the deal he made with the DA. He had the DA, SWAT, local PD, everyone with a badge and a gun, basically, all show up at some warehouse where supposedly the Irish were going to be to make a gun delivery.  But no one showed up. Why? Because they were meeting at an airplane hangar after SAMCRO broke Clay (Ron Perlman) out of his prison transport. This is Sons of Anarchy, so of course this hijacking went awry and one of the transport guards eventually got free of his vehicle and shot at one of the trucks the guys were in, shooting Bobby twice. Juice ran him over. (But Clay was still freed, so it’s a win, yes?)

Now Tara is suddenly back playing “mob doctor” to help Bobby and is on her way with Nero (Jimmy Smits) and Gemma to the hangar. Meanwhile, at the hangar Clay and the guys walk in to meet Galen (Timothy V. Murphy) and his 2 men. Jax kills Galen after a hello, and two of the club members kill his two guys. Boom. Boom. Boom. Think that was the big surprise? Um, nope.

Unanimous Vote

When Tara & Co arrive, she lets the guys know that Bobby is in bad shape and she needs surgical tools from the hospital and to go to the cabin to fix him. But first there is a bit of a pow wow with Clay on what to do about the dead Irishmen in the other room. Clay knows the play – they have to make it look like Galen and his old friend Clay got into a fight. Jax tells Clay the vote was unanimous to do just that. Jax and the guys take Clay into the room with Galen’s body and then something happens that I have to admit I NEVER thought was going to happen. Truly. I mean… eventually it had to. But I thought it would be one of the last episodes of the series. I just, I can’t believe it happened now. And by “it” I mean, Jax finally, finally killed Clay as Gemma, Tara, and Nero looked on in the other room. WOWZA. Well done, Kurt Sutter.

The reaction from the outsiders – Gemma, Tara, and Nero – as they drove Tara to the hospital was classic. Tara was cold and indifferent pointing out to Nero the laundry list of reasons Clay should have been killed ages ago (amen, sister). Gemma was sad, and then annoyed with herself for being sad because she hates him. Nero… well, he just didn’t want to marry Gemma because look how that usually turns out!

Cabin in the Woods

In the hospital, Tara meets with the DA (who has now let go of her deal with Jax, obvs) and is offered a deal for immunity and WITSEC if she can get a RICO case on SAMCRO. Tara says she should be able to get a sheriff’s bullet from the shot SAMCRO member with DNA on it, which would be enough to tie them to the prison transport hijacking. So Tara goes to the cabin while the DA and Roosevelt head to the airplane hangar and find a mess of guns and bodies. Roosevelt points out that it is exactly what Jax said he would give her, but the DA doesn’t like the whole “dead bodies” aspect. She is so picky.

At the cabin, Tara does her thing and saves Bobby. Afterwards, Jax goes to her room and thanks her, saying after everything she didn’t have to do that for them. Then he apologizes and says he understood why she did what she did to get the boys and he is sorry that being with him basically turned her into a crazy person. He leaves before she can say anything – and really what would she have said to that? – and Tara is left to look at the bloody slug wondering what to do with it. Dun dun dunnnn.

React, you wonderful SOA fans! React! Are you surprised that they actually killed Clay Morrow??

Two week until the penultimate episode of Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy. What do you expect? And how hard did you laugh when Jax said it would all turn out okay at the end of the preview? Has he not seen this show?


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