Just when you start to things may work out for the boys on Sons of Anarchy, things just always go horribly awry. That’s how it goes. Especially right around the end of any season.

Taking care of business (Photo courtesy of FX)

Taking care of business (Photo courtesy of FX)

Check inside for some of the best lines from this week’s episode.

This week it seemed that everything everyone said had an undertone with a completely different meaning. There are so many secrets and plans going on it’s hard to know if anyone means what they say. How many of these quotes had other meanings, do you think?


DA Patterson & Jax discussing her thoughts on his place….

DA Patterson: You’re a very smart man Mr. Teller. I can see how you’ve risen to your rank.

Jax: Unfortunately I inherited it…

DA Patterson: We all have a destiny.

Jax: Maybe.


Just a little breakfast chit-chat between old friends…

Unser: Where’s your Latin lover?

Gemma: With the whores.


Lessons in revenge from a Chinese gang leader. (He missed the part about using a red sharpie to cross faces of a picture.)

Lin: Do you understand how vengeance works? The satisfaction comes from the doing!


Love advice, Gemma Morrow style…

Gemma: Go back to dick. Girls are sh*t.


Just some nonchalant theft on a quiet afternoon…

Tara: I need to casually steal from the hospital I no longer work for.


Feeling the love….

DA Patterson: Sorry for your loss.

Gemma: No you’re not. But I’m not sorry for yours either, so I guess we’re even.


In case anyone was wondering how Juice likes his whores…

Juice: Someone nice.


Shockingly, Jax was not lying here. Admit it – we all thought he was….

Jax: Don’t worry. It ends well.


And everyone loves you, Bobby….

Bobby: I love you, Doc.


Brotherly love…

Happy: I love you guys. *shoots Lin*

Tig: And we love you.


Despite years being an Old Lady and the “executive” whore, Lyla still doesn’t get it sometimes…

Lyla: Should I call 911?

Nero & Gemma: NO!


August knows how to win the Irish…

August Marks: And if it helps, my mom’s maiden name was McDuffy.


Jax is getting ready to join the United Nations…

Chibs: Well Jackie boy, you just advanced race relations in Ireland by 50 years.


Stay tuned for more Sons of Anarchy goodness soon!

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