The time is here! So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 is over, but not before a lot more dancing and two winners are chosen. Who do you think it will be? Team Tall? Team Small? Maybe some combination of the two?

The Top 4 with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe

The Top 4 with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe

Check in after the jump to see who the winner was!

So, this week my recap will be a bit shorter than normal because, well, we’ve seen a lot of this already. The point of this episode, besides the obvious, is to relive a lot of the wonderful dancing we got to see this past season by asking for judges favorites and having the finalists pick some favorites too.

Speaking of those judges. Sitting besides Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe we have three special guests tonight. Paula Abdul, Adam Shankman and SYTYCD Alum and All-Star extraordinaire, Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

Cat Deeley spent much of the night introducing dances and some clip packages like the top moments of the season. We also got some very exciting news…. So You Think You Can Dance has been picked up for Season 11! I’m VERY EXCITED, y’all! VERY EXCITED. And not just because it means I will be back here at Small Screen Scoop next summer to write about it. I’ll be at Small Screen Scoop the whole time…. I write about other shows. But SYTYCD is near and dear to my heart. So I did my own little happy dance tonight.

The show started with a new routine from Season Two’s Ivan. It was a Broadway number that featured all of our Top 20. I love when they all come back again. And this routine did a fantastic job at highlighting just how talented all of these dancers are, and not just the Top 4.

Here are the featured numbers tonight (without commentary, since I’ve done it before)….

Paula’s Choice: Paul & Makenzie

Contemporary – Mandy Moore (Edge of Glory)


Jasmine’s Choice: Jasmine & All-Star Marko

Jazz- Ray Leeper (Blurred Lines)


Adam’s Choice: Fik-Shun & Twitch

Hip Hop – Luther Brown 

At this point, dancers from the movie, Battle of the Year (out later this month, and featuring season 3’s Dom) come and do a fun performance.

Nigel’s Choice: Aaron, Curtis & Alexis

Tap – Anthony Morigarto (Intro to Tappers number)


Twitch’s Choice: Hayley & Nico

Broadway – Sean Cheesman (Kiss of the Spider Woman)


Aaron’s Choice: Aaron & All-Star Katherine

Contemporary – Stacey Tookey 

The Top 10 Guy danced Christopher Scott’s “Sand” routine again. It was just as compelling as before.

Cat’s Choice: Jasmine & Comfort

Hip Hop – NappyTabs


Mary’s Choice: Tucker & Robert

Contemporary – Travis Wall


One of the best moments of the season is announced at this point – and that is the first group number. Putting on the Ritz. Of course. Because it is amazing. Always happy to watch that again!


Weirdest Routine (in the very best way): All-Star Mark & Jenna

Jazz – Mark Kanemura!!!


Amy & Fik-Shun’s favorite routine:

Their own Bellhop routine – NappyTabs


The story of Nigel & Mary’s relationship is explained in a ridiculous, but funny, video package. And then they dance together and it’s adorable and awkward and sweet. And that’s just how I feel about Mary’s pink wig. But seriously – I think while they sit behind thattable, we forget that Mary and Nigel are both very accomplished dancers. It was nice to see some of that. And then Adam came on stage too, because he can’t stand to be upstage, that adorable little man.

Audience favorite: Amy & All-Star Travis

Contemporary – Travis Wall

I was really pleased with all the chosen dances. They were some of my favorites of the year. If Travis Wall doesn’t win an Emmy for this season, (and for last season) it will be so sad!!

The All-Stars performed a routine with our Top 10 that was sort of a Beach Blanket Bingo type routine. It was a lot of fun! I missed who choreographed it. Was it Ben Vereen? Because that’s who they showed in the audience. It was delightful, whoever did choreograph it!

And then came time for the winners to be announced and they are….. TEAM SMALL.

Fik-Shun & Amy. 

So sweet that they made it to the end together!! I think I would have been happy no matter who won this year. All four were just so deserving! They were fun to watch take this journey and I can’t wait to see what they have coming for us next. Like maybe being an All-Star for SYTYCD season 11!


Hope you all enjoyed watching the finale and the rest of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 as much as I did! I can’t wait to do it all again next summer! Until then, be sure to check back on occasion. I’ll bring you some SYTYCD goodies throughout the year. Step Up 5 is being cast. Something tells me we may have some good stuff to share that is So You Think You Can Dance adjacent with that news!

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