So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 is quickly coming to a close. No matter what happens now, it’s going to hurt. We had some spectacular talent this season, highlighted even more recently by the All-Stars.

The Top 6 and last week's All-Stars

The Top 6 and last week’s All-Stars

Let’s see who makes it into the finale and how the final 6 perform this week.

Instead of what has become the norm this season  – bottom dancers are announced by Cat Deeley at the start of the show – none of that is discussed until the end. It’s the final 6. They are all in the bottom and in the top. So now it’s just a matter of watching them perform and then the seeing who America voted to keep on.

The judges, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe, are joined tonight by SYTYCD staple, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

This week, in addition to the regular group routine, which was an Afro-Jazz  routine by Sean Cheesman that proved just how much fun this group is, each dancer performs 3 times. One is a solo (which I won’t really be commenting on – just imagine they are all great and the parent intros are sweet, because they are), one will be with an All-Star, and one more time we will see them dancing in some fairly familiar pairings.

Paul & All-Star Kathryn

Jazz – Tyce Diorio

Tyce came up with a Jazz routine that was melded with a bit of Latin Ballroom which really helped Paul to shine in this number. He hasn’t always been perfect (remember when he dropped Witney like a zillion times?), but you can see why he won this series in another country> He is talented, but also just plain adorable. And while he and Kathryn didn’t have the same connection that Kathryn and Aaron did, they were well matched. At this point in the game you expect good stuff, and that’s what what we got here.

Hayley & All-Star Joshua

Hip Hop – NappyTabs

How cute is Joshua Allen? Winner of the BEST season, Season 4! If we don’t get tWitch tonight, the guy who beat him is a pretty good fall back, am I right? I feel like Hayley has been getting Hip Hop a lot (but I also think I’m making that up). It’s not really her best style, but somehow I like her more when she dances it because she always commits fully, even if she may be uncomfortable. It’s not a genre you can half-ass. But for me this routine was all about seeing Joshua again. When last week’s Season 4 love fest was over, a friend and I were tweeting about how we miss Joshua and Katee. Less than 12 hours later – Joshua was announced as an All-Star. Now come out of hiding, Katee. I miss you.

Aaron & All-Star Melanie

Broadway – Spencer Liff

You know what Broadway requires? Acting. Whether it is the more serious angle, or the overly jazz-hands type routines (this one fell somewhere in between), if the dancers aren’t in it, the whole thing is just going to fall flat. Melanie and Aaron were both in it for sure. Except for that one part where he dropped her. Of course, you can argue that it was more in character than if he had caught her, since they were supposed to be in a fight. Either way, it was a lot of fun. Nigel started to harp on Aaron’s shoulders, and granted he does have an issue there, but I don’t even notice it. He’s got so much charisma it’s hard NOT to root for him.

Fik-Shun & Witney

Foxtrot – Jonathan Roberts

I’m so enamored with Fik-Shun. Not that that will come as a surprise to any of you since it’s been the theme of the season. But He is the total package. For a kid who didn’t even seem to realize the final audition portion took part in his home town of Vegas when he first auditioned, he has grown into a SYTYCD all-star. This wasn’t his best night and we can’t expect it to be. Ballroom is so far from his style, it’s almost ridiculous. And Witney is the new Anya, basically, so dancing with her was going to be tough. But there was never a point where I felt Fik-Shun wans’t giving it his all. It’s hard to ask for more.

Jasmine & All-Star Neil

Jazz – Tyce Diorio

Sooooo. This dance was gorgeous and Neil and Jasmine danced the hell out of it, as I completely expected them to do because they are both such intense and powerful contemporary dancers. That said – the story? Complete emotional manipulation. Yes, people have been impacted in the worst ways by the constant stream of natural disasters as of late. But the dance’s theme felt kind of forced. Especially with the news narration. Everyone else seemed to like it a lot so I kind feel like I’m just a cynical ass. But, also I’m not on national television so I’m allowed to be. Anyway – Neil and Jasmine were perfection. I guess that’s what matters.

Amy & All-Star Alex

Bollywood – Nakul Dev Mahajan

Bollywood has, in my opinion, faltered since that magic Joshua and Katee number way back when (seriously, Katee, come back!). There have been some good ones, but they haven’t been as good. This one, despite a few missteps, was a lot of fun. And honestly, I attribute the missteps that have been happening this week to the fact that the dancers haven’t had to dance this many times in a single week since… ever. But I loved it because it was obviously a lot of work and they were just having a lot of fun. And good on you, Alex, for coming back to finally conquer Bollywood! The last time he tried he ruptured his Achilles.

Hayley & Paul

Contemporary – Dee Caspary

Since all of their original partners have since gone home, Hayley and Paul are paired to dance together. And while they don’t have the weeks of chemistry to help them out like their competition, it didn’t stop them from being just beautiful together. Neil and Jasmine’s piece may have been the supposed emotional one, but this was WAY more emotional for me, and it didn’t require a ridiculous story line to get there. I was in awe. I’m so proud of this cast. They may be my bottom 2, but I’ll still be sad to see them go if they are sent home. Also, can we talk about Sleeping At Last’s cover of I Would Walk (500 Miles)?? Perfect song choice, Dee. Well played.

Amy & Fik-Shun

Hip Hop – Dave Scott

EXCITED! While they have both done well with other partners, I was excited to see the ultimate So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Power Couple, Fik-Shun and Amy, back together. And, of course, doing Hip Hop. This routine may not have been thematically as cutesy as so many of their routines were (our little kids are growing up), but it’s hard to see these two as anything other than cute. That said, cute or sexy, there really isn’t anything bad to say about these two. They’ve earned their spot here tonight, and most of the time they did it together. I’m so happy to see these two together again. (And then Nigel dissed on Miley Cyrus. Because we’re still talking about that, apparently.)

Jasmine & Aaron

Jazz – Sean Cheesman

I’m almost equally excited to see these two dance together again. They were so perfectly matched and I think they have each other to thank for getting this far. They got noticed because of how well they danced together – they each really brought the best out in the other. This may have been one of their oddest dances, but it worked for them because it highlighted how strong and dynamic they are. And that bit where Aaron pulled Jasmine’s leg over her head – wowza. I didn’t even know that was a thing that could happen. But it was all topped by JTF admitting he has a crush on Aaron and then turning so red I thought he may explode. Gosh, so adorable.

In the end, it was Hayley and Paul who ended their time on So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 tonight. Both have been fantastic contestants and probably couldn’t do anything more they did. But America fell in love with Aaron, Jasmine, Amy & Fik-Shun a long time ago. It’s been even money they would be our final four for weeks and weeks. So while I’m sad to see them go (ABC Family, please get Paul’s people on the phone), these are exactly the final 4 I hoped to see.

The final performances are next week (which is why no numbers were given out this week). Be sure to tune in! It’s going to be amazing because how can it not be with these four?

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