Well dance fans, this is it. We are just a few days away from the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 finale.

The Top 4 with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe

The Top 4 with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe

On Tuesday night these four dancers will be performing for your votes, while Nigel and Mary are joined at the table by two guest judges.

I’m not entirely pleased with the guest judges for this finale performance show. Paula Abdul is back, and while she has the dance background going for her, I’m jut not sure I can handle the awkward nervousness I get every time she speaks. The fear of what nonsense may roll out of her mouth consumes me. As for the second judge – Olympic Gold Medalist, Gymnast Gabby Douglas – well, I have nothing against her personally. She is an adorable and effervescent girl. I just don’t know what she will have to offer these finalist during their final performance.

Then there are the All-Stars…. Here they are, along with who I believe they’ll be paired with.

Comfort Fedoke (Season 4)  — I think she’ll be with Fik-Shun. He has had a chance to do Hip Hop quite a bit, but he hasn’t really had the chance to do it with someone as well-versed in the style as Comfort. What better way to show off this yea’r’s prodigy.

Robert Roldan (Season 7) — The judges nearly died when Amy danced with Travis. The only way to top that is to have her dance (maybe a Travis routine…) with Robert. He is one of the most beautiful male dancers to be on this show – and I mean that in every sense of the word – and Amy will be perfectly matched with him in order to get to perform in her classical contemporary style.

Melinda Sullivan (Season 7) — Duh. Aaron. The tapper Nigel loved who just couldn’t translate as well into the other styles as he would have hoped. So now she can come back and show up her signature style with Aaron, who, except in solos and the intro show, just hasn’t had the chance, like everyone else, to dance in his own style. I can’t wait for this routine.

tWitch (Season 4) — Now, Jasmine isn’t Hip Hop, but I don’t think that is necessarily the style they are going to dance. tWitch is a remarkable contemporary dancer as well, mostly because of his strength and commitment in being a partner. Jasmine is tall, she needs a strong partner. If it’s not going to be Aaron (or Ade) tWitch is the guy to go to.

Of course, they will all be dancer several other times as well. This is the best Top 4 dancers since Season 4’s group of Courtney, Katee, tWitch and Joshua. I think we are in for a night of remarkable dancing on Tuesday.

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