I’ve reached a state of denial. I know that this is the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Finale performances show. I also know that one week from this very moment we will be waiting to find out the winner of the tenth season. Thankfully, while I may have favorites, which ever dancer that turns out to be, I will be happy. All 4 SYTYCD Season 10 finalists are deserving.

The Top 4 with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe

The Top 4 with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe

Click through to see how all of Aaron, Fik-Shun, Amy and Jasmine’s routines went tonight!

Cat Deeley, sparkly as ever for the finale, introduces the two judges sitting besides Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe this week are returning guest judge Paula Abdul and Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas. They are both so tiny, I think they have two judges just to equal one whole person. But that is one bubbly person!

Tonight each competitor with dance FIVE TIMES. Here’s the run down – they will each dance a solo, they will dance with each of their competitors, they will each dance with an All-Star. Whew. I’m tired.

Let’s just get to it!

Amy & Aaron

Jazz- Ray Leeper

So that outfit Amy is in is kind nuts, huh? Once I stopped looking at that (and getting over the accidental shaky cam) I took a moment to try to concentrate on the insanity that was this routine. I think Amy was amazing. She just was full force the entire time. Paula said that Aaron is such a wonderful partner who is nothing but there for his partner, and that is so true. Sometimes it can be almost to his own detriment, but I think we all love him even more for it. What a way to start the night!

Fik-Shun & Jasmine

Contemporary – Travis Wall

I was a little nervous to see this mix of Team Tall and Team Small. Obviously it works a bit better when the Tall is coming from the guy side. But somehow Travis, being the brilliant man that he is, managed to choreograph a routine where the height difference between these two was barely noticeable most of the time. The routine was supposed to look like they were floating under water which was kind of a perfect style for them. Jasmine is known for her grace and Fik-Shun’s animation skills help him with the flow. It was just a lovely routine – something that you just have to expect from Travis.

Aaron & All-Star Melinda Sullivan

Tap – Anthony Morigerato

How amazing was it to get to see Aaron dance an actual routine (not a 30 second solo) in his style?? It is such an entirely different entity when it comes to being danced as a duo than every single other style. But Anthony came up with a really emotional routine that showed just how powerful the style can be and how well characters and story can come through. Melinda and Aaron both broke my heart with that one. So proud of him for being the first tapper to make it into the finale!

Jasmine & All-Star Comfort Fedoke

Hip Hop – NappyTabs

First of all – major props to Jasmine for choosing to do a style outisde her own with the All-Star! Especially Hip Hop with Comfort. I loved that they just seemed to be having a genuinely good time! And for a prop happy season, the bicycles the girls rode in on (and then adorably sat on for judging) were probably my favorite of the season. Jasmine earned every single vote she gets with this routine. Jasmine is obviously trying to win… but she’s having fun doing so, and I love her for that.

Amy & Fik-Shun

Argentine Tango – Miriam & Leonardo

So did these two ONLY dance Hip Hop and ballroom? I feel like that may be the case. This particular routine was so intense and there was not even a hint of the cutesy stuff we are so used to seeing from them. And while there may have been moments of shakiness – Fik-Shun, poor guy, despite having so much ballroom thrown at him is still learning to handle the mechanics of it all – it was nice to see them be so mature. So while it wasn’t as strong, and while I’m sad that’s the final Amy and Fik-Shun dance, it was nice to see them be so trusting with each other.

Jasmine Harper

Unfortunately, Jasmine’s video package brought back the Cyrus is her ex-boyfriend narrative. But we also learned that she gave up touring with Ciara to see if she would make it on SYTYCD. Good choice, Jas! Her solo, per usual, was a gorgeous look at what she brings to the stage – legs and grace. Afterwards we learn that Jasmine wasn’t even going to make the Top 20 until Cat Deeley threw a fit and made them take her. See, Cat knows what’s up! Jasmine should send Cat a gift basket or something.

Jasmine & Aaron

Samba – Dmitry Chaplin

During the rehearsal for this one Dmitry was making some sort of drink. But I don’t think these guys are of legal drinking age. Hmmm. Shady. Ha! I found myself thinking through most of this routine that I wish the ballroom dances had been switched for Team Tall/Team Small because I think Jasmine & Aaron could have done better with the Tango, but Amy and Fik-Shun would have done great with this. Either way it was fun, but, it wasn’t perfect. The wardrobe malfunction of sorts took everyone out of the dance. I think they’ve done so great in every other dance though… It was a bit of a draw in these past two duos.

Dushant “Fik-Shun” Stegall

The narrative we got from Fik-Shun’s video package was “OH I LOVE FIK-SHUN.” Basically it was that he loves dance above all things and he’s loved learning all that he has this year as much as we’ve loved watching him on this journey. And to sum up how I feel about him – Fik-Shun is probably the only person that could do a solo to the song Gangnam Style and not make me want to throw things at the TV.

Amy Yakima

I love that Amy’s video package showed Dad’s dance at her audition! It was such a perfect start to her SYTYCD narrative because it was funny and sweet – just like the Amy we came to love in her weeks with Fik-Shun. But she also grew into this incredibly powerful and mature dancer, which she highlighted in her solo tonight. The girl winner is going to be hard to choose, but Amy has been and remains my favorite.

Fik-Shun & All-Star tWitch

Hip-Hop Luther Brown

Why did Fik-Shun choose tWitch for his All-Star? Does this even need to be answered? Probably not, but his reason was “It would make my life awesome.” He’s such an adorable little dork isn’t he? I think tWitch basically exists to come on to finales and make a moment for the inevitable Hip Hop dancer that is still competing. This dance was automatically classic. I couldn’t help but sit and smile while I watched. I just adored it. Nigel previously stated that Fik-Shun needed to show his personality tonight. What better way to do it than to have him share the stage with tWitch? It was perfection.

Aaron Turner

Aaron’s video highlighted the narrative that for the second year in a row, Aaron had been cut during the Green Mile, but due to Emilio’s injury, he made the Top 20 anyway and rode that momentum straight to the finale. A combination of his perfect partner, an undying love of learning beyond his style, an effortless ability to fall into any character and his simple charm have all helped Aaron to win the hearts of viewers. His solo was mesmerizing. I can’t wait to see him as an all-star in future seasons. (Notice my optimistic referral to future seasons. As if it is a given. Power of positive thinking and all that.)

Amy & All-Star Robert Roldan

Contemporary – Stacey Tookey

This is a popular storyline for routines on this show – guy loves a girl, girl doesn’t reciprocate, but when guy goes to give up on the relationship, she realizes she loves him too. Yet this time it was just heartbreaking like it hadn’t been before. Amy and Robert both were so fully invested in the emotional output the dance required, the dance itself was almost incidental. So often we can get caught up in the movements of this routines. In this the movements seemed to poor out of them as an actual part of the story. I just enjoyed it so much!

Fik-Shun & Aaron

Broadway – Tyce Diorio

This routine was… fun. I wasn’t overwhelmed by it or anything. They are both very charming and talented dancers and people, but I think the gimmick of the routine sort of swallowed a lot of it. Overall, they showed why we love them, but we kind of had to fight to get to it beyond all the other… stuff.

Amy & Jasmine

Jazz – Mark Kanemura

Mark Kanemura, you insane little weirdo genius you. I love you so much. Seriously, who else would come up with this crazy alien routine for a finale? I loved it because it was just so nuts and yet absolutely showed how powerful and committed Jasmine and Amy are. I need this show to keep going purely so we can keep getting these bizarre Mark routines.

So there you have it. The dancers have danced all their dances. Next week we will be back to find out who the winners (one boy, one girl) are and see a lot of our favorite dances again. Which dances do you want to see?

Who do you think will win? It’s going to be tough!

Hit the comments and let me know.

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