I miss So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 already. But the fact that we know Season 11 is happening makes it just a little easier to deal with. In order to ease the pain that is these 8 long months until SYTYCD hits our TV screens again, I thought I’d share some of these videos from Synergistic Productions.

Top 10 guys performing Christopher Scott's "Sand" routine. (photos courtesy of fox)

Top 10 guys performing Christopher Scott’s “Sand” routine. (photos courtesy of fox)

First up – choreographer, Christopher Scott!

Chris Scott has been part of the amazing group LXD and has done some really memorable routines on the show, one being this season’s Top 10 Guys performing with sand. Although my OCD kicked in while watching it wondering how the cleaned it all up. Check out this video where Scott discusses that routine, Mary & Nigel’s number and his connection to Fik-Shun.

Stay tuned for more videos from after the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Finale!

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