The name DuShant Stegall may not be entirely familiar with everyone, but people that have watched So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 have grown to love him, even if they only know him as Fik-Shun.

Fik-Shun & Amy

Fik-Shun & Amy

As the judges like to say, his name may be Fik-Shun, but he is the truth. Inside we get to see him be his adorable self in an interview after the last episode.

In this video from Synergistic Productions we see Fik-Shun get excited over Team Small and Team Tall being the two that make it into the finals (pretty cool considering they haven’t been partnered together for weeks until this past episode). We also see him talk about dancing with Amy again and why it is they dance so well together.

So, apparently Fik-Shun isn’t a crier. He’s just too happy to cry. His face doesn’t know how to handle such emotion. It’s either super smiles or nothing at all.

Come back tomorrow for interviews from Team Tall. (And if you missed the other half of Team Small, check out the interview with Amy here)

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