I unabashedly adore Cat Deeley. While I was happy for Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn for their Emmy win at the Creative Arts Emmys the other day for being the hosts of Project Runway, I think it is a travesty that Cat hasn’t won. She is just perfect.

Emmy Nominee Cat Deeley

Emmy Nominee Cat Deeley

I mean, look at her! A delight! Click through to see what she had to say about SYTYCD to our friends at Synergistic Productions.

Cat Deeley is the heart and soul of SYTYCD. From being a (very tall) shoulder for the contestants to lean on after a rough routine to keeping the judges in line, she maintains control of the show from audition process to finale. In this video she talks about what So You Think You Can Dance has meant to her.

Let’s all try to be a bit more Cat Deeley in the future, okay?

There are more videos from the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 post-finale carpet to come in the next couple days! Stay tuned!

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