Ever since Amy Yakima’s So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 audition where her dad came on stage to dance, I think we all knew we were going to fall a little bit more in love with her every time she graced our screens.

Amy Yakima & Alex Wong

Amy Yakima & Alex Wong

Click through for an (inevitably charming) interview with Amy about her performances this week.

Once again, many thanks to our friends at Synergistic Productions for this video. In it we find out what Amy felt about dancing with Fik-Shun again, tackling Bollywood and dancing with an injured foot. We also see Bollywood choreographer, Nakul Dev Mahajan discuss the guilt he’s carried after Alex Wong’s season ending injury.

She just radiates likability, doesn’t she? Good luck to Amy as she dances SIX TIMES on an injured foot on Tuesday. And stay right here for interviews with the rest of the four So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 finalists coming soon!


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