When the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Finalists were first announced, one of the names you wouldn’t have seen on the list was Aaron Turner. He was number 21. But an injury of another dancer bumped Aaron up. And he proved that perhaps he was the choice the judges should have made in the first place.

Aaron Turner & Melanie Moore

Aaron Turner & Melanie Moore

Despite all odds, SYTYCD finally has a tapper in the final four —  Aaron Turner.

It may have been a bit of a rough night for Aaron in some respects on Tuesday, since he did drop his All-Star partner, Melanie. But he proved that he deserved to be here despite that one mishap – one that could have happened to anyone. In this interview from Synergistic Productions, we see Aaron and Melanie talk about that drop, his style as a tapper and what it took to get to the finale.

What a class act that guy is. It’s nice to have a final four of people I just genuinely enjoy as dancers AND as people. Good luck to all 4 finalists! You can find interviews with all 4 finalists and the last two eliminated dancers on the Small Screen Scoop So You Think You Can Dance page. 

Check back tomorrow night for my review of the final performance show!


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