After a loudly called for change in the elimination process for So You Think You Can Dance Season 10, a wrench is immediately thrown into the new plan.

The Top 18 dancers (photos courtesy of FOX)

The Top 18 dancers (photos courtesy of FOX)

One of these lovely dancers is hurt and automatically out of the competition. Is it your favorite? Click through and find out.

Before we found out the bottom 6 and gorgeous Cat Deeley delivered some bad news, there was an amazing Sonya Tayeh/Christopher Scott group routine. I love when these two work together. The routine was ethereal in a Heaven and Hell sort of way. The huge prop was cool, especially when they would fall behind it. Good stuff.

So on to the news – Jade has torn his meniscus which, in non-medical terms, is a big ouchy, and he has to have surgery, so he is out.Poor Jade – he had a super sad face when they cut to him in the audience. Conveniently he was in the bottom 6. It’s especially convenient to Curtis and BluPrint, the other two males rounding out the male half of the bottom 6 – they are automatically in. So the three girls are the only ones up for elimination this time around – Alexis, Jasmine M, and Jenna.

They perform their solos for the judges. Tonight, along with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, Fox Sports correspondent Erin Andrews and the one, the only, Paula Abdul are at the table. I see some crazy in our future.

Per the newer-new rules, the eliminated dancer won’t be told until the end of the night. But if we are basing things off the solos, my guess is that there will only be one Jasmine competing next week. Alexis was plain ol’ entertaining with her tap routine to one of my favorite songs, Try a Little Tenderness, which she used perfectly. Jenna was really good considering that ballroom solos are really hard. Jasmine just didn’t strike a chord as much with me. But she’s been great these past two week and we still have their (and all the other) routines to get through first. So who knows!

Amy & Fik-Shun

Paso Doble – Jean Marc Genereaux

My favorite of all the ballroom dances – Latin or otherwise! I’m excited to see these two and how they handle it. I think it’s a big test for Fik-Shun. And I think he passed. They both were so intense which was kind of cool to see given how they are both normally so bubbly and smiles. Of course those smiles came back right as they headed to the judges. And the smiles stayed there because the judges only nice things to say about this favorite couple, save a few technicalities for Fik-Shun. Is it weird that every time they dance I’m sad when it’s done because we are now one week closer to these two no longer being partners? Even if it is – I’m sticking by my being over-invested.  Thankfully we will see them dance together again in the final, right? (RIGHT?)

Jasmine H & Aaron

Broadway – Spencer Liff

Another of my favorite pairs. And one of my favorite choreographers, and not just because he is so cute.  But on to the dance – these two are kind of the perfect pair together, right? I’m starting to think that even if they say the pairing is random, someone had to work to make these pairs happen. Erin talked about how Aaron dances with grace and Jasmine’s legs are insane. In fact, Jasmine’s legs are the topic of conversation for a good portion of the discussion. But, thankfully, that was overshadowed by how much character and style they had on stage. So glad this couple is working out.

Makenzie & Paul

Contemporary – Lindsay Nelko

First of all- is the choreographer 16? She looks SO YOUNG. But I love when we get to see new choreographers. How nervous is Lindsay when this starts? It’s sort of hard, because we’ve seen oh so many versions of this dance where someone is dying or is dead or sick or something. And they’ve been done by people like Travis Wall! But regardless of that, it was a beautifully danced number. Makenzie was gorgeous – seriously, her feet are stupid perfect. Paul I felt overacted a tiny bit, but it was still just such a pretty dance.

Jasmine M & Alan

Jazz – Sean Cheesman

So… I’m not sure that I entirely got what Cheesman was doing here. It was just, weird. Not that weird is bad, it’s just weird. As I thought about it, Nigel suddenly made me realize why I had a hard time with it – the routine was quirky, but they weren’t quirky. They were so busy dancing the steps that they weren’t in the dance. It made the whole thing feel a bit off for me, even if they danced it really, really well.  It’s not looking good for Jasmine right now… although Jenna and Alexis still have to dance.

Jenna & Tucker

Hip Hop – Keone & Mari Madrid

I loved watching these two in their rehearsal footage. They clearly are enjoying dancing together. The dance itself was really…. interesting. For a second I thought it was jazz not Hip Hop, which the judges also made note of. It wasn’t a bad thing that it was jazzy – just different. I think as I got used to what it was, I enjoyed it more. Jenna is this perfect being, even my 10 year old daughter is in awe of her – I think she is safe. The judges seemed as confused as I was, but like me, they seemed to really want to like it, so they did. If that makes sense…

Side note before we go on… Now I remember why I used to need a drink watching Idol. Listening to Paula Abdul critique is nerve-wracking. Excuse me while I poor myself a glass of wine and we’ll go on.

Malece & All-Star Marko

Contemporary – Sonya Tayeh

The good news for Malece – she gets to dance with Marko! The bad news – she has to dance with Marko! I can’t watch Marko do a contemporary routine as lovely as this one without wishing he was dancing with Melanie. That said – she did an amazing job, and good for her because Marko or not, having to dance with a new partner is so hard. She really fell into the piece and it was amazing to see. Sonya does so much for her dancers – that is what I really took away from this segment. Sonya’s ability to change Malece in those few hours, and what Marko did for her on the stage – just breath-taking.

Hayley & Curtis 

Samba – Jean Marc Genereaux

This was fine, and that’s as good as I’ll label it. Here’s the problem with the samba – it’s been done so perfectly before. As one of my friends, Melissa, mentioned – Katee and Joshua. And another of my friends, also named Melissa (there are a lot of us) mentioned Lacey and Danny, which is my favorite Samba ever on the show. So while they were okay, they were both clearly uncomfortable and could never get quite pass that “we aren’t in our style” feeling. Curtis, you were saved by circumstance this week, but I bet we’ll be seeing him in the next bottom 3 as well.

Alexis & Nico

Jazz – Spencer Liff

I can’t quite connect with Nico, but this was really good. Those pirouettes were so on point – I really enjoyed that. Alexis was really good, I didn’t think of her as a tap dancer in this routine. I didn’t love it as much as some of the others, and like the judges, I seem to be having a hard time saying much about it beyond – good! But they were good! Also, Paula just said “Whatever!” to Nigel and I had Paula/Simon feelings bubble up from oh so long ago.

Mariah & BluPrint

Hip Hop – Luther Brown

The SYTYCD Gods were smiling down on these two tonight, weren’t they? They get paired up and their first style is Hip Hop? Well done, you two. That said, Mariah out Hip Hop’d BluPrint. He just lacks a certain amount of energy and doesn’t hit everything as hard as she does. But it was a lot of fun. And I’m just glad that Mariah is doing so well.

Oh yeah… someone has to go home now. And the girl that’s going home this week… Jasmine M. Surprised?

There is no SYTYCD Season 10 next week – it’s the MLB AllStar Game, if you’re into that sort of thing. But we’ll be back Tuesday June 23rd right here at 8pm!

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