Four dancers from the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Top 20 have already been eliminated. During the judging this week, Nigel had a piece of advice for BluPrint on how to stay in the competition….

Weirdos. (Photos courtesy of FOX)

Weirdos. (Photos courtesy of FOX)

Having a personality. Clearly this group has it, but just how important is it?

When Nigel Lythgoe was judging BluPrint after his Hip Hop routine with Mariah, his major critique was that BluPrint was lacking personality. To be fair, he is completely right. I’ve said repeatedly that BluPrint constantly seems like he is half-asleep. He obviously has a lot of personality somewhere in there, it’s just not translating into his routines, unless he is lifting his shirt so we can check out his abs. His predecessor, Cyrus, had personality to spare, and while he had a hard time translating into every genre, his sheer enthusiasm was infectious and got him into the finale.

Nigel mentioned that Sabra and Benji won over Danny and Travis, respectively, because of personality. A bit of a blow to Sabra and Benji – wonderful dancers in their own right – but a comment that was not without merit. Danny Tidwell and Travis Wall, who happen to be brothers, are two of the most talented people to ever grace the SYTYCD stage. Danny is arguably the most talented. But his personality was almost never able to shine through – and not because it wasn’t there. But his inability to shine, especially in comparison to the effervescent Sabra, cost him the title.

Now this is not to say that talent isn’t playing a big part. In fact, in the seasons since, I’ve rarely thought “Oh… that person didn’t deserve it.” But if you look, the winners have always been someone that the audience fell in love with off stage as well as on. Is there anyone who was not completely charmed by Melanie Moore or Lauren Froderman? Or thought Joshua Allen was just not the cutest? (Season 4 for life!)

So how important is personality? The way Nigel phrased it, it almost seemed to overshadow talent. They’re all talented, after all. It’s how they got there. And to be fair, they have always referred to the winner as America’s Favorite Dancer, not America’s Most Talented Dancer. Yet it’s that combination that really needs to be figured out, and granted it’s not always easy to do. These kids are dealing with a lot. Figuring out routines and figuring out how to be on camera can be hard to do. BluPrint isn’t the only one not making that connection this season.

Who do you think is making the combination work? (Besides Amy and Fik-Shun. Because, duh.) And what did you think of Nigel’s comments?

Don’t forget – SYTYCD Season 10 returns July 23 at 8pm!

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