You remember how these once a week seasons go, right? Just in case… all 20 perform again tonight. But two dancers in the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Top 20 are being sent home.

The Top 20

The Top 20

Take a good long look at that group and get ready to say goodbye to two of them.

In an new turn of events, instead of waiting til the end of the night to announce the top 6 and then eliminate two of the dancers, Nigel Lythgoe pulls out the 6 right after the group number (a gorgeous and somewhat creepy Tyce Diorio number that was like a cousin of Wade Robson’s famous Ramalama Bang Bang routine). Nigel has 4 of the 6 dance for their lives after sending two to safety immediately. After the solos, he, along with Mary Murphy and guest judge Christina Applegate, send two home! I kind of feel like that sucks on multiple levels. One – those poor two now have to go out and perform for nothing (Nigel ridiculously asked if they would be able to do that if eliminated. I REALLY wanted one of them to say no.). Two – They have no opportunity to redeem themselves for a bad week with a great dance this time. Three – What a freaking downer to start the night! Yikes.

But, alas, that is how it is because Nigel is big ol’ meanie. Whatever. Here are your bottom 6:

Makenzie, Mariah, Brittany

Alan, Jade, Carlos.

WHAT? No Nico and Alexis? What’s going on, America? Anyway, Makenzie and Alan are sent to safety immediately. After dancing for their lives Brittany and Carlos are sent home. Not entirely surprised by this decision. Makenzie they love, and they aren’t going to lose their sole hip hop girl, Mariah, in the first week. Brittany is one of two very pretty ballroom girls – and not even the one they like best. As for the guys… Carlos has yet to really connect with the audience, or with the judges, frankly. Although both animators remain in the competition which is going to lead to some viewer complaints, I’m sure.

The point is, this week was going to hurt no matter what because last week was an excellent show.

Now onto the dances that matter, plus a couple that matter slightly less.

Remember, you can vote with the FOX NOW app,, text (the dancer’s first name to 83676 – remember to add “M” or “H” for the Jasmines) or phone.

Hayley & Curtis (1-855-GO-HER-01, 1-855-GO HIM-01)

Jazz – Ray Leeper

Look at all that leather. Wowza. Before we even get to judges I’m worried about what Nigel is going to say because Hayley was so sexy and played that dominatrix-type role perfectly. It was, naturally, creepy. He loved it, but mostly he just leered at Hayley Mary loved it too, so Cat did her happy dance again from last week. Which is just perfect.

Jasmine H & Aaron (1-855-GO-HER-02, 1-855-GO HIM-02)

Lyrical Hip Hop – NappyTabs

I love Jasmine H more every week. She is just a delight in all of her behind-the-scenes videos. And her dancing never is anything but gorgeous. (Why’d you dump her, Cyrus? Huh?!) This was another sexy routine, but in a different way. Their chemistry is just beautiful. Christina mentioned that she forgot Aaron was a tap dancer and I said out loud, “Oh yeah!” Because I did too. I see Jasmine going Top 4… Aaron maybe not as far, but to the Top 10, for sure.

Malece & Jade (1-855-GO-HER-03, 1-855-GO HIM-03)

Bollywood – Nakul Dev Mahajan

So this one was entertaining but I don’t know if it was danced the best. Even Nakul seemed a bit underwhelmed. The cameramen seemed to lose interest or something because there are a few technical issues with the cameras. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with this one… I’ve already forgotten most of it. But I like them both so I hope they’re safe.

Alexis & Nico (1-855-GO-HER-04, 1-855-GO HIM-04)

Contemporary – Stacy Tookey

This is a sequel to Robert and Kathryn’s routine from a few years back which had Kathryn going off to war. I was excited to see the two of them in the rehearsal to help Alexis and Nico tell the next part of the story which has Alexis (in place of Kathryn) coming home. Alexis may not have been in her style, but this was a much better than last week. I think they both aren’t as strong as some, but they have potential. Also, I like that Christina threw out a Velvet Underground reference which was only amusing to me and 2 other people in the audience. Old people unite!

Brittany & BluPrint (1-855-GO HIM-05)

Broadway – Spencer Liff

Here is where eliminating at the start of the episode can start to hurt the show and other dancers. Frankly, even if Brittany hadn’t been eliminated already, it wasn’t the greatest routine. And I’m not saying BluPrint was perfect. But Britt really didn’t have her heart in it. They weren’t connected, they weren’t in sync. It was just… rough. It sucks for BluPrint. Even if he had been the best, it was only going to go so well for him. I think he may be in trouble next week. (Side note – has anyone else noticed that whenever there are background dancers at a major awards show, Spencer Liff is one of them? Oscars, Kennedy Center Honors, Emmys – he’s always there!)

Jasmine M. & Alan (1-855-GO-HER-06, 1-855-GO HIM-06)

Tango – Miriam & Leonardo

That was intense. I was emotional watching it because it was just electric. These two have insane chemistry which played a big part it being my favorite so far. The dance seemed so professionally danced but passionate at the same time. I couldn’t find a moment where I was thinking “Oh… they should have rehearsed more.” Just wonderful. I hope they get to stay together another week.

Makenzie & Paul (1-855-GO-HER-07, 1-855-GO HIM-07)

Jazz – Sean Cheesman

We’re going to call this the Weird Science routine. I think for the first time I really connected to Makenzie. Oddly it was in her rehearsal footage when she told Paul it was okay as he cautiously placed his face in her chest. But that’s what I needed from her I think – a genuine moment. The routine itself was a lot of fun. I have always enjoyed her as a dancer, and Paul is just adorable so I’m glad to see them doing well.  Also – as Nigel pointed out, it’s been a sexy, sexy night. It’s almost too much!

Mariah & Carlos  (1-855-GO-HER-08)

Contempoary – Stacy Tookey 

This was a lovely routine, and I have to commend Carlos for really keeping his mind in it. He danced this beautifully alongside Mariah and it highlighted that he was a major loss to the competition. I felt bad for Mariah who was clearly overcome with emotions that Carlos was leaving. Sometimes I really wonder what is happening with the votes. But thankfully we still got this emotional routine.

Amy & Fik-Shun (1-855-GO-HER-09, 1-855-GO HIM-09)

Hip Hop – NappyTabs

This was a fun routine that part of the time required them dancing with a bellhop’s cart which was impressive. Amy, our beautiful contempoarry dancer was a little nervous to dance Hip Hop with Fik-Shun, understandable. But I think she did great. Their chemistry is even better and they both have personality to spare. It was just… fun. Which is great on it’s own, but that only works if they dance it well, and thankfully they did. Basically, everyone is falling over themselves trying to find new ways to tell Amy and Fik-Shun that they are the bestest ever. See you in the finale, kids.

Jenna & Tucker (1-855-GO-HER-10, 1-855-GO-HIM-10)

Cha-Cha – Dmitri Chaplin

It’s funny, I consider these two the grown ups of the season. They aren’t significantly older or anything. Maybe it’s just how tall they are? I thought the routine was entertaining, but the judges seemed wishy-washy. Christina was up, Mary went back and forth, Nigel didn’t love it and basically blamed Dmitri. I really enjoy these two, so I hope that Nigel’s negativity doesn’t influence voters too much.

Overall, it was a good night, if not as amazing as week 1. After this week’s results I’m afraid of what will happen next week! Who do you think is in trouble?

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