Hey dance fans! Sorry it’s taken a few days to start these posts honoring the So You Think You Can Dance 2013 Emmy Nominees. It’s been a crazy weekend. But, hey, the Emmy’s aren’t for months, so we are cool, right?

Sonya & Nigel (Photos courtesy of Fox)

Sonya & Nigel (Photos courtesy of Fox)

First up – the magically insane Sonya Tayeh.

In the past couple years, the nominees in this category that come from SYTYCD are nominated not just for a single dance but for their body of work on the season, with several specific routines mentioned. Why? Because it’s just easier. Imagine having to pick just one Sonya routine to nominate? Or Travis? Or Nappy Tabs? You get the idea. Now they are acknowledged for being a repeat offender in the ability to create shock and awe with their choreography.

Sonya Tayeh has grown so much in the past several seasons of So You Think You Can Dance. Her first season or two were hits and misses. With the hits being outstanding and the misses being confusing. But in the absence of a regular presence from Mia Michaels, Sonya has aptly filled in the quirky contemporary choreographer void with pieces that are unique and exciting. Here are the ones she is nominated for from So You Think You Can Dance Season 9:

Possibly Maybe – Cole Horibe & Allison Holker


Turning Page – Tiffany Maher & George Lawrence Jr.


Sail – Audrey Case & Tiffany Maher


Each one of these dances are completely Sonya Tayeh. I already guarantee she will be nominated next year as well for So You Think You Can Dance Season 10. She’s a genius with amazing hair.

What’s your favorite Sonya routine?

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