Hey everyone! Tomorrow night is the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 finale! For us dance fans, it’s very exciting!


However, the real world will be messing with the programming schedule, so click inside for the details!

Tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific President Obama will be addressing the nation about what is happening in Syria. The plan for the So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Finale show is to air normally starting at 8pm Eastern. At 9, when it is time for the President to speak, they will stop the show, let Obama do his thing, and then come back and do the second hour in its entirety. This means that those of you who have your DVRs set to record from 8p-10p will miss the end of the show. I suggest having it go an extra hour. Obama is only scheduled to speak for 15 minutes, but better safe than sorry.

This should only impact those who live in Eastern/Central time, since Obama’s speech will air before the show in Mountain/Pacific. But I would set your DVRs to go long too, Westerners. Just in case. And don’t count on your cable/satellite provider to acknowledge this in the guide and change it for you. 24 hours notice probably won’t be enough for them.

Side note – with all the hoopla of the finale, it should be incredibly awkward tonally when we come back from Obama’s speech, huh? It will be interesting to see how that shakes out! The tragedies in Syria, no matter where you land on the political spectrum, is rough. Coming back to the confetti canons of SYTYCD after hearing what our President has to say should be… odd.

(Speaking of the finale – the guest judges are Paula Abdul, Adam Shankman and tWitch! Good stuff.)

Meet you back here tomorrow night for the finale results! And please, share this post with your friends to make sure they know about the programming shift!

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