Scandal “YOLO” Review

The term “yolo” has kind of ended, and yet Huck’s use of it in tonight’s episode of Scandal was nothing short of juicy perfection.
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This was actually my reaction to the cracked Glee episode that aired on Thursday. I feel ya, Liv. Photo: ABC

What we got in this episode: reasons to remember why we fear the dentist, reasons to remember why Huck is a terrifying killer, and Sally giving a “you got SERVED” memo to Fitz.
Huck vs Quinn – Seriously Shocking!
Well, this episode started off in a gross, horrifying way, didn’t it?! I keep thinking that it couldn’t be our Huck doing that. He would never. Even though we know the things he’s done in the past. But apparently…ugh, I can’t even talk about this. It was upsetting! …I’m still upset!
Sally vs Fitz – Smackdown, Showdown
I abhore Sally. I always have. She’s all….uh, mean. But in “YOLO,” she gave us two quotes that I found inspiring, and I shall now share them:
— “I’m tired of waiting for someone to open the door for me and tell me it’s my turn.”
— “See you on the battlefield.”
Cyrus vs James – Shaming, Sluts
Things are not going well for their love life. Which is really just an understatement. I think we all knew how serious it was when James finally yelled, “You have ruined us, Cy!” Damn. It’s divorce time. Messy, too.
Mellie … and… Cyrus – Sad, Sad
“What happened with James?!” Mellie barked, and then there, right in the Oval Office, Cyrus started sobbing. And Mellie gave … not a pep talk, but she was both jaded and sympathetic as she told him to, “see it through.”
So Relatable – (I got nothing)
I don’t know about you, but I often have my sexiest moments in life right after being tortured and had teeth pulled. When I saw Quinn in that scene, I was nodding along. Been there, girlfriend. BEEN THERE. And it does not go well! (I’m guessing.)
That LINE!
“I just needed one minute, but I’m okay…now.” – Olivia
That LINE! (The Sequel)
“Consider it handled. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. …I love you. Hang up, we have things to do.” – Fiz
That ending…
I kind of saw a death, of some sort, coming. I did NOT see Mama Pope as the bad guy, coming. It was very Alias.
React: What did you gladiator’s think of tonight’s winter finale of Scandal? Are you going to be able to stop fixating on what will happen next? Did you see that ending coming with Marie Wallace being the real bad guy? 
The winter finale finishes next Thursday on ABC, don’t miss it.
Written by: Jessica Rae, subbing in to bring you your weekly Scandal review while your true leader, Jordan, was held hostage by crazy weather interruptions. 

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