Scandal is mostly okay with its cliffhangers. You just know an episode’s going to end on one, no matter how much story there is left to tell. Tonight’s cliffhanger was expected but still effective. It was telegraphed all night that Olivia’s mom would escape to see her daughter. Scandal doesn’t usually do anything this blatant, and I found myself fine with these turn of events. Last week I compared Scandal to Alias, and tonight that analogy still works. We don’t know exactly why Mama Pope was in prison for all these years, nor why she was taken off the plane, but all will be revealed later I guess. Olivia’s “mom?!” wasn’t nearly as shocking as last season’s “dad?!” but mostly because we already knew who she was. Also, it was pretty obvious that Huck figured out Quinn was the one who killed the security guard, so that reveal didn’t quite land like it should have. Before we get into it, I’m just going to say that I’m still over Quinn and feel no sympathy for her at all. Is there something wrong with me or do y’all share my sentiments, too?

scandal olivia pope kerry washington vermont is for lovers too.

That. Coat. Photo by: ABC

Vermont is for Lovers, Too!

Shonda Rhimes has done a great job of keeping Olivia and Fitz apart this season. Just when we’re all on team Mellie, Rhimes and her cohorts swoop in and change all that. Well done, everyone. I still don’t think Fitz and Olivia should be together, but there’s no denying Kerry Washington’s and Tony Goldwyn’s chemistry. I’ve really missed those two together. Mellie is super sympathetic this season which makes the Olitz reunion so upsetting. Bellamy Young has given Mellie an extra layer this season and is doing career best work. Dump Fitz once and for all, Mellie. You totally don’t deserve him.

This episode wasn’t just purely Olitz fan service, though. (If you didn’t get enough, head to the tumblrs where every Olitz scene dissected analyzed in handy GIF form!) Sure, Fitz building Olivia that house was cute and squee-worthy. (Fitz in that sweater, y’all.) But what point did it serve than to just get the two together. We’ve yet to see anything from Fitz on the reelection front, but I suspect that’s coming up full force soon.

Sister Daughter!

Someone give Lisa Kudrow a show stat! It looks like Ms. Marcus’s time on the show has come to an end as Josie Marcus drops out of the presidental race. I admire her honor, but what a lame way to eliminate a strong character and campaign foil. No matter, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her. Again, I’m not sure what Kudrow’s purpose was, other than to get OPA out of their post-scandal funk. Representing Josie definitely got them back in the spotlight and away from the affair spotlight. Finally. There was too much going on this season, but Kudrow really nailed the part. If she is indeed gone I will miss her and her awesome speeches.

Plum Sweater!

Cyrus and Mellie decided to out Sally’s husband for his philandering ways, and Cyrus stupidly decided to use his husband for bait. I hated this so much, but thankful James wised up to Cyrus’s Machiavellian ways. Just like any character on this show, I hate them but in one small moment all is forgiven. When Cyrus sees the pictures of James with Sally’s husband killed me. (Much like Olivia’s “please don’t sell the house” moment to Fitz.) Cyrus’s cavalier attitude was starting to bug, and I’m glad the writers went the obvious direction with that storyline. I can’t wait to see the fallout from this in the weeks to come, and more James is always welcome.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least talk about that disgusting scene where Mama Pope ate her wrists. That was some Walking Dead/True Blood nonsense and was very effective in showing us who she is exactly. Despite the gruesomeness, it worked. Man. That scene is going to be with me for a while, and not in a good way. More than anything watching Khandi Alexander tear up her wrists is what I will remember most.

With some beautiful direction from Ava DuVernay, “Vermont is for Lovers, Too” was a very solid, tight hour of Scandal. I look forward to seeing more from her, as she really captured a natural beauty with her unique shots. Lovely direction tonight. Beautiful.

Scandal returns in two week with, no joke, an episode called “YOLO.” What were your thoughts on “Vermont is for Lovers, Too?” Enjoy Thanksgiving, Gladiators!


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