That’s right, Gladiators. We’ve finally made it. The end is nigh as the evil, long hiatus is behind us. Can you believe the premiere is just hours away?! Very, very exciting. I’ve tried to remain off the internet and spoiler sites, but I found myself over there earlier today. I just can’t stay away!

As a result of my curiosity, I’m going to share with you three sneak peeks from tomorrow night’s episode.

scandal season three poster

Scandal Season Three Poster. Photo by: ABC

Starting at 8/7c, Josh Malina will narrate a Scandal recap show, which will be followed by a new Grey’s Anatomy. And, finally, to finish up the Shonda Rhimes-filled night, Scandal will grace its presence on our television screens. It’s about time.

In the first sneak peek, Olivia meets with Fit to discuss a new plan of action since her name was released to the press. She enlists someone’s help, and that someone might surprise you:

In the second one, Olivia’s all angry at her dad and stomps away…into a fancy limo. (But not after she got out of a fancy private jet! High roller, Rowan!) Olivia’s Pope strut is in full force as she makes demands and the driver quite rightly obeys her:

In the third and final sneak peek, Cyrus confronts James looking for some information. All the animosity from last season seems to be gone as Cyrus does something that even shocks (pleases? surprises?) James:

The Scandal season 3 premiere, “It’s Handled which was written by Rhimes and directed by Tom Verica, airs tomorrow night at 10/9c on ABC. Let’s all tune in and #BreakTwitter.

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