Welcome back, show! It’s nice to see you again. Even when I’m not particularly paying attention Scandal somehow manages to draw me in. It’s incredibly exciting and sometimes I think that hides its weaknesses. 50% of Scandal is ridiculous, good, campy fun. The other 50% is dreck and annoying monologues that would really stand out on any other show. But Scandal has something no other show has: Commitment. Everyone involved acknowledges its weaknesses and instead of shoving them aside they own up to it and use them to their advantage. The absolutely best thing about Scandal — even though I’m slightly bashing it is a very good show — is the editing. I’ve never seen editing used in such a way that it tells the story and sets the tone for the entire episode. It’s phenomenal, really.

sally langston scandal

There’s so much to talk about Scandal’s return and not all of it good. Mellie has really become the star this season and I have zero complaints there. I do, however, have reservations and a horrible feeling in my gut about this whole Andrew and Mellie thing. Just no, Scandal. You don’t usually go for the blatantly obvious!

Also everything about Fitz is just a big, huge no. Like NO no. What a whiny, petulant child. I don’t even like watching him anymore with his threats and drinking and even his hair is just wrong. I don’t even want to talk about him. He’s the worst.

Something I’m not too sure about is Harrison and Adnan. I did, however, absolutely love that Adnan was a woman because that was great. Harrison and Adnan are basically Olivia and Fitz and we don’t need more of that. Still, I’m intrigued.

Sally finally lets the world know she’s running for president…but staying on vice president. For some reason I thought the news was already out but I guess Fitz was the only one who knew. Sally is way too calm for someone who just killed her husband. I don’t know, that part really bothered me. I guess her struggle is inside but she seems like she’s sleeping just fine at night. She’s still her preachy crazy self!

In one of my favorite storylines, David and James team up to once again take down Cyrus and the administration but this time James is determined. He calls himself Publius as he leaks information about Daniel Langston to a White House reporter. Interesting tidbits I learned in college: Publius was one of Julius Caesar’s assassin. Also, Alexander Hamilton and James Hamilton used the pseudonym Publius when writing the Federalist papers. Both seem incredibly relevant I guess. I do like that this is a little different than the voting scandal, especially since James is spearheading the lead instead of David.

Sometimes, just sometimes, Scandal drops a beautiful gem on us that needs to be treated like a delicate flower. That delicate flower is Joe Morton. His monologue to Olivia was one of the greatest things this show has done and he played it absolutely perfectly. My god he’s amazing. “Rend your garments. Curse the heavens. It will save you time in the end. Run, Olivia. Run.” I want to get that monologue and wrap it in silk and dip it chocolate and lavish it with praise for the rest of my life. Very well done,┬áRaamla Mohamed.

Finally, blah blah blah Quinn kidnapped a child. Wait. QUINN KIDNAPPED A CHILD! ?????????

Tune in next week for another FAST EXCITING OMGWHATISHAPPENING episode!

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