In Thursday’s all new episode, “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie,” Olivia finally tells OPA all about Operation Remington. They all learn the identity of Papa Pope and how he gave the order to take the plane down.

But wait! Olivia also tells her “Gladiators” that Fitz was the pilot! Lots of shifty looks around the room as Olivia pastes his picture up on the wall of suspects. Drama! I’m glad that Operation Remington is finally advancing and the secrets are coming out.

I for on am very excited about Thursday’s episode. I really like the direction Shonda Rhimes and the rest of the writers have taken Mellie this season. She’s so sympathetic and has surprisingly been one of my favorite part of Scandal’s uneven third season. Bellamy Young has taken a role that others would have made shrew-y and melodramatic into something much more: She’s given Mellie depth and a persona. I care about Mellie, and that’s not something I ever thought I would say.

Have you changed your views on Mellie? She’s pretty awesome, right? Sound off in the comments or find me on twitter:

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