This show. Scandal is back, y’all. And all I can say is it’s about damn time. Tonight’s episode was by far the best of the season, and for the first time all season I am very much ready for next Thursday. I have a lot of thoughts about “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie.” A lot. Mostly, though, I’m too stunned to put in words what happened my brain is mush and I just want to give everyone a hug and and and…Before I get into the juicy details, let me just say that I’m not sure everything worked tonight. Sure, it was all amazing and shocking and What the Huck?!, but was it necessary?

I’m sure we will find out next week how things play out, but for now I’m just so…I don’t know. Mad, angry, confused, resigned. Sigh. I hate you, show.

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Everything’s Coming Up Mellie

Forget everything you ever thought about Mellie because you’re wrong. I’ve never changed my opinion of a character so fast before. The episode is told in a series of Mellie-centric flashbacks. Fifteen years prior, we meet newlyweds Fitz and Mellie and a bearded Cryus and Fitz’s horrible, stupid, ass of a father, Big Jerry. Whom, if you’ll remember, we met last season. Cyrus is there to help Fitz run for governor, with Mellie and Jerry by his side. Fitz doesn’t have a whole lot going for him apart from his military record, which Jerry wants him to run on. But Fitz feels like a failure since he shot down the plane carrying Olivia’s momma.

Late one night, Jerry confesses to Mellie about Fitz’s involvement with the tragedy and Mellie can’t believe it. She knows Fitz in a way that Olivia will, that’s for sure. Big Jerry starts talking about Fitz’s mom when all of the sudden he starts to make his move. I can’t even give this scene justice, but it’s totally horrific. He rapes her. Big Jerry rapes Mellie. The scene was a bit telegraphed, so I knew something horrible was coming, but that was really just too much.

Did Mellie have to be raped? Sure, it gives her a whole new level, but really. God bless you, Bellamy Young. Mellie has literally given up everything for Fitz, which is why his betrayal hurts her so much. I wanted to give Mellie a giant hug all episode. I was, however, very happy to see Fitz sit and support his wife for what seems like the first time ever. He’s taking responsibility for his faults, but he’s still a scumbag. In the most heartbreaking scene of the night, Mellie tells Fitz she’s pregnant. Is her first born son Fitz’s half-brother? The worst part is that Big Jerry is dead and Fitz can never get his revenge for what he did to Mellie. (I have a hard time believing Mellie has even told Fitz the events of that fateful night.)

More than anything right now I’m actively rooting for Mellie. Whatever she wants, I hope she gets.

Quinn. What are you doing?

Huck is very rightly distancing himself from Quinn, so she seeks out the company of serial killer Charlie. The two make out a bunch, have a spying session, shoot some guns and I realize that I don’t recognize Quinn at all anymore. Charlie needs help getting into a building, so he gives Quinn a vial of M99 to use on the guard. When Quinn shoots the guard up, she accidentally kills. Apparently that was her B613 Red Test because she’s now an unwilling member of B613. What. The. Heck.

I did like that Quinn frantically called Huck to try to get some perspective, and was so freaked out. THAT part made sense to me. She’s still so naive and now is way over her head. I do not like where this is going at all.


In a move we all saw coming, Mama Pope is still alive. That was some Alias mess right there, revealing Olivia’s mom behind a prison wall. Be more original, Scandal. (Totally joking, all! This show is ballsy.) Olivia tells her team about Operation Remington and her mom being one of the couple hundred of casualties. For those paying attention, the reveal was totally expected. I mean, let’s be honest. Subtlety is not Scandal’s strong suit. That being said, I do love that Mama Pope is alive, because I really want this show to turn into Alias. Can you imagine Kerry Washington kicking butt and doing kung fu and finding Rimbaldi artifacts and locking her dad in a cave for eternity!? Come on. Either way, I do like where this storyline is going, mostly because I think Khandi Alexander is mucho flawless.

Three big reveals and everything changes. Mellie is my favorite character right now, and I’m laughing just thinking about how crazy it is to say that. What’s going to happen next? Fitz and Olivia will rekindle their romance, durrr, because the audience needs to feel even more sympathy for Mellie. At this point, however, I think Mellie just wants Fitz to be happy, especially since she tried to set him up with a hooker this episode.

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Honestly, I’m not sure how I really feel about this episode. Right now, an hour after airing, I’m totally crazy about it. Next week, though, my opinion will change, I feel. This Mellie story, if done right, will make or break the show. (Yes, I do believe it is that important. Honesrly!) For now, I will say this has been the best episode this season.

Before I end, can someone shoot me a GIF of Cyrus in all his bearded glory? That was phenomenal.

I so cannot wait for next week. Who’s with me?

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