Lisa Kudrow will join the cast of the third season of Scandal, ABC’s very hot political thriller. Like everything Shonda Rhimes does, the multi-episode role is still very much a secret, but she will be playing a politician.

lisa kudrow

Kudrow has been the producing partner of Dan Bucatinsky — who plays James — for years, so it was only a matter of time before Bucatinsky wore her down. The Emmy-winning actress has been busy post-Friends acting in and producing many projects, including “The Comeback” on HBO. During the ATX TV Festival this summer, Bucatinsky remarked that Kudrow was a huge fan of the show, and would love to appear, but wasn’t sure she would be able to handle the rapid fire dialogue the show is so known for. Looks like Kudrow set aside her fears once and for all.

No word yet on how many episodes Kudrow has signed on to do.

Scandal premieres on October 3rd, and in case you need a refresher course, the first two seasons are streaming on Netflix Instant as we speak. The season two DVDs will be released next week, for those of you who like owning things and/or don’t have Netflix.

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