It’s been a bad week. We all know this. Trying to get on with what’s happening in Boston and Texas and the rest of the world hasn’t been easy, but we as a nation are managing. Thankfully, we have TV as a means of escape. We can turn it on and plug into the fictional worlds around us, and do it with our families by our side. Television brings people and families together, or, it has in my house at least.

Even though tonight’s Scandal is an encore, it’s definitely worth a re-watch. “Top of the Hour” originally aired on March 21st, but you can watch it again tonight. “Top of the Hour” gave us great performances all around, but most notably from guest star Lisa Edelstein. ABC’s description of the episode reads: “Fitz’s pick for Supreme Court Justice is caught in an affair with Olivia’s new high-powered client (Lisa Edelstein); Olivia and Jake continue to flirt.”

That’s it. So they don’t have much to say, which is fine. Because this episode is full of tiny moments, most of which would take 2,000 words to describe in detail. Instead, I will let you watch the episode for the second time, or if you’re just now seeing it — fun!, because once you finish watching it we are only one week away from a new episode!

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