In the following sneak peak of this weeks episode of Pretty Little Liars, titled “Crash and Burn, Girl”, Toby and Caleb have their first moment alone together in attempt to solve the puzzle of A. Toby is seen staring intently at something in his hands, when Caleb walks in and asks him what was bugging him.


Toby mentioned the fog, and asks Caleb how he knew it was foggy that night. Caleb says he tried to track down the pilot John Smith, but the lead didn’t help at all. Toby throws the lighter he is inspecting over to Caleb and asks what he thinks about it.

Caleb notices that the NW in the compass is the biggest, which could stand for Northwest or Nigel Wright. Toby said with the compass he was thinking he was a sailor, and Caleb suggest it could be a pilot. Caleb asks Toby where he found it, and Toby says he found it at the lodge.

Toby says that whoever started the fire, probably used that lighter.


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